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    RMVXA [IGMC 2015] Escalia

    New lightning system look so good!.
  2. luzi

    What game are you currently Playing?

    Right now im playing On Nintendo Switch - Bloodstained Ritual of the Night - Ace Attorney Trilogy HD On Mobile Phone - Azur Lane
  3. luzi

    Easier JRPGs?

    Trails of Cold Steel 1-2 is quite easy, and you can play with Turbo mode that make leveling and traveling in this game not a chore.
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    [XBC2] Who is best girl?

    Til these day I still cant decide who best girl. I really like both Pyra and Mythra alot both personality and design. and Character Design artist is my favorite too. (I even bought figure both of them lol) I vote Mythra though because I like her design more then Pyra abit. PS.Tbh i like pnuema...
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    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    I've tried that method before, it will reset the number of turns left in the state and it can be exploited to make the enemy stunned forever so I think I'll need another workaround.
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    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    I have a question regarding Action Sequence. I'm trying to use a skill with action sequence command that will make the target move or float. However, if the target is inflicted a state that won't allow them to move (like Stun), any other action sequence will not move them at all even though I...
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    Favorite RPG (growing up)

    I'm begin to play JRPG game around middle school. I'm starting with PS2 game. After start using RPG Maker XP, I'm going back to play some old game in SNES because i want to find some idea and learn about old school JRPG more. PS2 : FFX ,Kingdom Hearts ,Ar Tonelico 2 SNES : FFVI ,Chrono Trigger...
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    April Goals and Progress Thread

    Getting familliar with RM again after long hiatus. I've been studying RPG Maker MV seriously and resuse existing resources to make a short prologue demo. I want to implement what I've learned for the past one month. Not sure if I'll succeed. I wanted to use placeholders but on the other hand, I...
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    JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Hello there guys, I'm using Yanfly's Attachable Augment plugin. Thing is, I need to unequip and remove the weapon equipped by the character at some point then equip them with another weapon. If that weapon has augments attatched, it'll disappear along with the removed weapon. I'd like to ask if...
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    Best Ending for a JRPG: Good One, or Sad One?

    For JRPG, I always prefer good ending. I don't wan't to invest hundred of hours only to see the bad ending or even bittersweet ending.
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    Your Favourite Anime (can be more than one)

    Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Angel Beats! Little Busters! No Game No Life Monogatari Series Arpeggio of Blue Steel Spice and Wolf Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood Stein;Gate WORKING!!
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    What game are you currently Playing?

    Just Finish Trails of Cold Steel II. Will starting Trails in the Sky Trilogy and Continue to Crossbell duology game next after.
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    Smash Ultimate Newcomers, who do YOU want???

    Rex with Homura and Hikari.
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    What is your favorite game developer today?

    I have a few devs I like very much namely: Falcom: Their world-building and settings are really their strong point and I'm binge-playing this series right now. Monolith Soft: I didn't care much about their games until I tried Xenoblade 2, the best recent games I ever tried. ATLUS: Given, for...
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    Story of your life - What's your biggest regret?

    My greatest regret was that I was neglectful and didn't bother to do a health checkup at first when I wasn't well for a while until my feet swelled up. Later I found out that SLE had caused me misery and my kidney was beyond saving.

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