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    @Touchfuzzy Mine is not a download, it plays on the web browser Html.
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    Hello Everyone! I hope you'll join me this Friday through Sunday as I play through every single entry in our No Travel Game Jam! I'll...
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    Wow this is looking great. I like how your making this. Very different.
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    Reading bad reviews is actually what a Game Designer needs to improve his game, but it still hurts :(
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    Yes you were hard on my game review. Thank you for the review I like all types of reviews. No sugar coating.
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    The game looks really great, and many people already told you. So I just add some things that I think you can improve or what makes me...
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    Well, pretty much changed the entire icon set. Add my own stuff from resource packs and stuff. I was able to playtest most of it and fix...
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    Looking like the official RMW stream of all the games (featuring me playing all the games), will be done the 15th and 16th of this month...
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    @JohnDoeNews Hello have you took part in the No Travel Game Jam?
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    Well its crazy a women would insult anyone for walking with a phone in your hand. I dont see why anyone would get angry for that.
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    Are you looking for art like this? Here's the link.
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    Review: Tenko Story Graphics +Impressive for the time limit +Chaotic blocky pixelated style with bright colors. Seems self-aware of...
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    Played it. Beated the Big chicken. Liked it. Nice job! :thumbsup-right:
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    @phamtruong1992 Are you sure so far its working on 3 devices I check. It could be a browser thing for you. Which browser are you using...
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    For anyone that wanted to try my No Travel Game Jam submission. It runs on your browser window so its instant play nothing to download...

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