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    New title logo design for my game in development, a pokemon style tactics game

    One word. "Passionate" or maybe "emotional", either way, such states determines the heat on this hot headed fire ball. Destructive and powerful, this monster might not be a good first choice for a newbie taming monsters.
    I gotta say, so far these 3 monsters looks great. But in terms of design, I think they're a bit too simple.

    This hyper-energetic monster hops and runs around; full of life, or should I say full of water? Also known as the "Water Balloon" monster he can set out a quick jet stream of water capable of piercing through the toughest of armor.

    This ball of mud has quite the lazy attitude towards it's tamer. While it may be weak on offense attacks, it excels greatly on defense and support abilities.
    Greetings everyone, I am new to RPG Maker, new to Coding, and new to Pixel Art. This year I started working on my dream game idea which is similar to Pokémon with a mix of Final Fantasy Tactics for its battle system. I would appreciate feed back on the idea/concept as I continue to work on it.
    Hi and welcome to the forum. Please keep your status posts limited to 2 in a 24 hour period. If you are wanting feedback on your game, please post a thread in the appropriate section instead, and avoid double posting or premature bumping (if you want to post several profiles a day, put them all into a single post rather than making post after post in your thread).
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    Awesome! Thanks for the advice and will do!
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I found a book about game localization. It costs R$708,00 on Amazon. ;_;
I really wish my game was far enough along for it to be actually playable beyond certain aspects. I think I've crafted a really fun battle system thanks to ATB, fighting game, and Boost point mechanics.
Play test of my current progress on Happy Camper
Cutscene Contest Winners have been announced!

I'm heading back to Orlando tomorrow! My dad and I have forgiven each other, so we're planning to spend Spring Break together. We'll probably go to SeaWorld and Aquatica one day, and maybe even use my air fryer to make something to go with Dad's grilled steak. The train leaves tomorrow, and I'll be working on my game on board!

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