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    Amulet of Athos: Legend of the Sarian Knights

    Saw a new vid of AoA on YT earlier today. How long has it been? Years? Don't matter, remember this project as a pretty damn good one. Loved the demo when I played it back in the day. Hope to see more of it!
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    Rosary Of The Reaper (R13+)

    Neat mapping! 
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    Teh Stream - A Twizted Tale [DEMO]

    Liking the looks of the custom art! Will try out the demo!
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    Hi, there!! Hola! Oi! こんにちは!

    A man of several languages, interesting! Do you have a degree or something connected to them or is it self-learned? Also, welcome to the forums!
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    Welcome to the forums! Your skills in art/drawing/illustration and photoshop will surely be appreciated by many here.
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    Been lurking for about year--Decided to drop in and say "hello!"

    Welcome to the forums! What kinds of programs do you use for creating music?
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    Another MGS fan, huh? Welcome to the club, friend BD
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    October Goals & Progress Thread

    This I would love to see completed! Myself I'll probably try a little sideproject with a halloween theme, currently in the finishing stages of development with my current "main" project so we'll see.
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    The Final Sanctum

    Just keep tinkering with your game and pick up on ideas like mentioned above. Mapping, eventing, dialogue writing and such comes with time, so just keep on working. 
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    A Different Clarity (contains religion, politics and sex)

    Friggin' loved the backstory of this game. Hope this one comes to life!
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    Bleeding Knife

    Cool, haven't seen much horror games in MV yet. Gonna check this out!
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    Antagonista! [PG-13] [DEMO]

    Looks nice! I like the idea of playing the baddies.
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    Mystic Tales [Demo]

    I like how much effort is put into things. Synopsis, characters and gameplay is well presented, good stuff! Might wanna put the different sections under a spoilertag so people don't need to scroll all day having a look on your post :)
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    The Glitch

             -Synopsis-   -Features- -Screenshots-    
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    How many towns/villages/cities are there in your game?

    Depends. On my titles that have a 12h+ playtime I have a couple of capitals with maybe 6-8 lesser towns/villages spread around. On a dungeon crawler or smaller project I usually go for a hub area, maybe a couple of checkpoints with merchants and such.

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