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    ORIGINALS by aqua

    Simply beautiful! Great work! :) -MIA
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    Low vs High numbers

    I prefer low numbers, honestly. And I usually use (what I consider, at least) low numbers. It's easier to balance and easier to predict. As a player, I don't care about low vs high numbers as long as I can readily know what my skills, attacks, and stats will look like in battle. Having...
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    How does magic work within your project's universe? Questions and answers welcome.

    Unless a game I'm working on is heavily centered on the source of magic being a core theme for the story, I try to explain Magic as little as possible. It's a part of the world that the characters live in. It exists in that capacity. It is accepted in the lore and now the player can simply enjoy...
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    Should i buy all rpg makers on the next steam sale to use their rtp? Or should i spend with DLCs?

    I got them all cuz I support the work put into making them accessible. There was once a time many moons ago when there was no real legal means to use an RPGMaker. I support the progress and the dedication to our community! :) -MIA
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    Guns/ fire arms in a fantasy world.

    That's a mistake you only make 1-3 times. LOL!! Back in my modding days, when the PSP could be modded pretty easily, I made some stupid aesthetic tweaks to FFTWOTL. Since guns were ranged magical vessels and could have a flag for an elemental attribute, I made a gun called Ghost Hunter and...
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    Guns/ fire arms in a fantasy world.

    Such an underrated game. Ahead of it's time when it came out. So many ways you can play it.. I've kinda always felt the Final Fantasy series did a pretty good job integrating guns and other technology. They tended to do it in a way that didn't remove you from the fantasy element, nor did it...
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    Actor3_4 SV

    Unless I am reading the translation incorrectly, I believe I am permitted to post it. To use is to agree to their terms. :) -MIA
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    Actor3_4 SV

    I have the SV Actor.. but now that their website is down, and I can't recall their terms.. I'll refrain from posting it. Perhaps somebody can recall their terms? -MIA
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    Alchemist & Chef Ability (I'm Stuck at 5th & 6th)

    There isn't a whole lot to go on here, but a skill I like to give my Alchemists is "Adverse", which replaces potions/items effects with the opposite Targeting and Effect. For example: Normal: -Heroes are fighting 2 Imps. -Alchemist uses Ether on Ally, Ally regains all MP -Next turn, Alchemist...
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    Visible Enemies & Escape

    I've done things a couple of ways for different projects that had on map encounters. Most as similar to what others have already said, so I will be brief in my descriptions. 1: Upon escape, the on map enemy will be bright red, then the red fades to normal. There were different speeds that this...
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    Which game (RPG in particular) has the best story?

    Has nobody chimed in with Lunar Silver Star Story yet? Or even Wild Arms? Gosh.. those were the golden days.. :) -MIA
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    (MZ) Resource Request for Character SV Battler and Faces

    I don't know if they are active on here anymore. I can't seem to tag them.. but if you go to my page, they are tagged for credit. -MIA
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    (MZ) Resource Request for Character SV Battler and Faces

    Just to clarify, I did not create the sprite, another user created it. I had simply commissioned it from them and released it for the community. :) I would also love to see a SV Battler put together for Apple Kid! <3 -MIA
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    M.I.A.'s Creations & Edits (Updated 03JUL22) - Apple Kid

    UPDATED THREAD: Added Apple Kid!! :) See Terms on page one. Enjoy!! So sorry I never saw your post from January. You are correct. They may be included in games on Steam, so long as all the Terms are met. :) -MIA

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