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    [Advent Day 5]Avy's MZ Stuff

    @Avery 's Advent! The most wonderful time of the year! :) Thanks for the great resources. :) -MIA
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    [Advent Day 5]Avy's MZ Stuff

    SO EXCITED FOR AVERY'S MZ ADVENT!! :) YAY!! It's the most wonderful time of the year!
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    New Releases: Krachware User Interface Material Steampunk, Light Novel Electric World

    I love it! I might actually grab this one up. Great work guys. :) -MIA
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    MV Trinity - indexed colours?

    Good thing GIMP worked for you! I have no clue how to use photoshop. Lol. -MIA
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    MV Trinity - indexed colours?

    I noticed this too. That's why I went in and modified them all to make editing and trasnferring so much easier. Cuz I am the first one to forget when something is indexed. Lol. -MIA
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    Ways to get monster parts - ideas?

    This may seem silly, but for one (or more) certain Monster Parts, you could have a pet that occasionally drops a part. Like a feather.. or a slime that will just leave ooze behind now and then.. and put it on a timer. :) Just a thought. :) -MIA
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    Use of Public Brands in Game

    Why use the brands themselves and worry about it? Why not "Cola Cola" or "McDonna's".. most people will understand the real world references. :) -MIA
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    Is it okay to include our own kinks in our games? (16+ ONLY)

    I've NEVER heard of this "kink" in any media before!! (Sarcasm). I think it's totally fine. Look at Ranma 1/2. Just add water. Look at Sailor Starlights.. Just add.. magic? It's very tame. Go for it! :) -MIA
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    Making Item-user Class more interesting and fun to play?

    In my current project Items are not usable in battle. Only from the menu. The only exception to this is the Alchemist job class. The rationale is that amidst the commotion of battle, they are the only ones who know exactly what Items to grab. Items used outside of battle are not as effective as...
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    ReStaff MZ Release Celebration

    How did I miss this until now?!? YAY!! Thanks everyone for the goodies!! :) -MIA
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    [Advent Day 5]Avy's MZ Stuff

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Avery !! I hope you had a wonderful day!! :) -MIA
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    RMMZ RPG Maker MZ is now AVAILABLE!

    I love all the new things in MZ, but are we not getting Weapons upgraded from MV? All these new shiny things and we still have MV Weapons in the System folder? That's a bit disappointing. :( -MIA
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    Bravely Second v Bravely Default, should I play?

    I love the Bravely series. It's kinda like a love letter to the classic JRPG formula but with some new mechanics. They're both pretty grindy.. but if you put in some creative effort, you can make some pretty game breaking class/skill combos! The stories are a bit.. simple.. the characters are...
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #4: Event List, System Tab Options, New UI, Release Date & Price!

    I knew I should not have pre-ordered all those things.. cuz now I'm sitting here antsy and want to get my hands on the new shiny engine!! Grr.. I should have waiting until release.. >_< Haha! -MIA
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #4: Event List, System Tab Options, New UI, Release Date & Price!

    Did I miss it somewhere or if this a dumb question to ask.. but can MV Generator parts be moved to MZ Generator folders? So stoked to place my pre-order tomorrow! :) -MIA

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