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    UK Copyright Registration

    Thanks Andar and RyanA! Or just upload it somewhere! So if I made a thread on this forum (in the future) of my game, is that considered real evidence? Also, I can say the same thing about posting/releasing my game on Desura. This would be sufficient enough? STEP 3: Apply online – From £170...
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    Choosing a Gender

    Question solved, I think. You guys do know though... transparency is easier way of showing g no sprite,its on the events and can be turned on easily at the start with the database option. Remember to turn it off though!
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    UK Copyright Registration

    Hello members, This thread is only targetted for those who are located in the UK, or have expertise from a UK standpoint. I'm planning on releasing a game and wondering shall I get my works registered? By registered, I always think of it as the company keeps a record of it and it is archieved...
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    RPG Maker on Google Chrome?

    Wine is not a plugin? A chromebook only runs Google Chrome, and the plugins in. the store. Wine is a software. So you can't run Ace.
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    Famitsu Character Generator Commerical use

    That's something you have to contact them for. If you did use it, no it wouldn't be illegal as from my understanding they did not specifically say you can't use it for commercial purposes, therefore invalid case to sue you. This is assuming on release of your product, the terms haven't been...
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    Injured Sprites Requests

    Haha awesome work there, GrandmaDeb! :) To the OP: Triple posting isn't good at all!
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    Good luck! :)
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    Rofaxan 2089 AD needs some community help!

    I have little clue to how IG Maker works or functions. But on your indiedb page it says your engine is 'Custom Built' so I don't see how this is posted in the IG Maker forum.
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    HE - Main Menu

    Hey, I just want to inform you: This script collection is NOT compatible with Falco Pearl ABS, whether you place ABS above/below or Hirion above/bottom/below. There is no error code, but I did the 'classic debug' where you remove each collection of scripts one by one to see which script...
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    ReStaff November-December Release 2013!

    Nice christmas styled profile picture, Ralph. I'm ready for the 'super, duper awesome ReStaff release'. Any monster sprites in this package?
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    Falcao's Pearl ABS Liquid v2 - Error of Doom!

    Does the demo work for you? If yes; work forward and transfer content over to the demo, and make it your own project.
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    [Tools] Anti RGSS Decrypter

    I think we'd rather want more security, and the least amount of resources taken from us. And if anyone was to hack my game; I don't people using RGSS Decrypter so easily, and tearing through all my files. Exactly. Someone can take your custom made resources (graphics and songs), and it could be...
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    Please suggest me a good DRM software.

    Shaz, I understand completely. But more then often, people misunderstand what drm is, and what it does. Which is why I said what I said. Even I personally have been confused with what DRM is. Sorry :(
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    Please suggest me a good DRM software.

    If you're looking to protect your game and content, this wont work. If you're looking to stop piracy this wont work. Even EA's DRM got bypassed, and they are  a big company which used private drm-solutions. If you're going to be using a public drm-solution, it's probably already known to be...
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    8 bit kit!

    Great work. Anyone using this for their games?

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