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    Steel Zeroes - DEMO Available

    Man, the music is on point! I'm definitely going to find time to play!
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    The Legends of Saneterre - The Imprisoned Soul

    These maps are spot on! Great work.
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    Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle - #Statement about Revenant God's music and its "composer"

    Had a chance to play through the demo. Music is extremely well fitting, and like Ashikai, I was skeptical of the battle system, but the pacing really decreased my skepticism of it (reminds me of FFX-2 and that's my favorite FF battle system to date). The story progresses okay. I have quite a...
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    Would you buy it?

    It depends on who you market it to. Get it polished and seek out educational institutions, Board of Education leaders, education websites (promotes), and you're bound to find someone that will be interested in it (though hopefully at a modest price). The market for educational games is there...
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    Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass (Demo available!)

    Awesome! Unfortunately, I found another game breaker. *spoiler alert* After passing the goon test, I met with Punch Tanaka. After he yells, "Look a spider" (lol) and escapes, the bald head goon takes a step backwards and the game freezes.
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    Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass (Demo available!)

    Going to leave a detailed review soon, but I found a game breaking bug. *slight spoiler* When you enter the beaver ' s house in Smile, and go into the left room, the player enters a map with tiles that cannot be passed through. I got stuck and had to close out the game (the player is...
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    The Amber Throne (Concept Art Added)

      He's really a bot.
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    Estheria : The InterDimensional Collapse (First music piece released publicly!)

    Hey, Aurora Beach is a fun piece! One thing I would recommend is to upload the tracks via dropbox or box (for streaming purposes), rather than having people download the file!
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    Long Gone Days (DEMO) [NOW on Indiegogo]

    Man! I thoroughly enjoyed this. Much of my commentary has been cited already, but to reiterate on a few: I am really looking forward to more, though. Super stoked! Is there a chance you'd re-release the demo with official tracks that John made? Hearing him slam on some guitfiddle was one...
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    SolBound - Sifi/Fantasy Visual Novel/RPG

    Good lord, the art in this is FANTASTIC! Really hoping that the "battle" UI catches up with the cutscene art-style. Do you have a portfolio website? I can't imagine someone as talented as you NOT being a freelance graphic artist or working on comics.
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    Hot Dog {9/4 looking beta tester & proofreader}

    THIS IS F'ING ADORABLE! AHHHH!! As far as designs, totally agree with Missile in terms of the older version being more iconic (since it is more unusual). You want his design to fit his backstory. So far, all I know about HotDog is that he is cheesy on the inside. The current hotdog version...
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    Revenant Gods - Ragnarok Chronicle - #Statement about Revenant God's music and its "composer"

    Chiming with everyone else! Making a game is very hard (especially one of your scope), and I hope you push through all the mental/physical hurdles to make this game a reality! Definitely looking forward to playing this!
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    Atis's Gaze - Film/Kinetic Novel

    Ha, no sweat on the late reply! I knew that there wouldn't be a notification for an edit (thank goodness), but I also didn't expect such a long silence inbetween your posts for Atis. Ooh, I enjoyed reading all of the history that surrounds your project! Probably the most interesting thing, in...
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    Atis's Gaze - Film/Kinetic Novel

    Sorry for the double post. Any updates on this project?
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    Atis's Gaze - Film/Kinetic Novel

    Posted in the wrong thread. Too many tabs open.  :stare: Edit: Hey, man! This is a really neat way to use the RPG Maker engine. I think what impressed me the most was the transitions between dialogue scenes and the intense action scenes. The voice acting in Episode 4 turned my head from...

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