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  1. Script Call Support Boards

    I simply couldn't use variables in the name just using the built in SE function. Thank you very much my friend.
  2. Script Call Support Boards

    What is the script to call a sound effect? I want to call them via name so I can have dynamic titles. for example: "PianoNote_#{number}_#{scale}"
  3. Get event Id from event [x,y] coordinates RMVXA

    Thank you very much :) Now I can have event's effect the state of not just themselves but also the ones around it.
  4. Get event Id from event [x,y] coordinates RMVXA

    I am trying to make a farm plot where some of the tools effect more than one event. (ie, plowing a 3x1 lot). Essentially, I want to use the events current co-ordinates to find the events next to it and change a "self variable" (from another script) in that event. But for that I need to find it's...
  5. The Self Data Suite support thread

    @Kes thank you very much! I have it now
  6. The Self Data Suite support thread

    I thought it may have been worth a try. I'll try my best to create a script myself. Thank you
  7. The Self Data Suite support thread

    Do these scripts (Particularly the RMVXA one) still exist anywhere? The links no longer exist on dropbox

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