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    RMMV Party member selection overlay does not appear

    So all I have to do is reorder them? That won't mess with my game in any way, besides making my current saves in the game itself unusable?
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    RMMV Party member selection overlay does not appear

    I've poured far too much passion into my project so far, I definitely don't plan on giving up over something simple like that! I've posted a screenshot of my plugins, in case that might help. My project only begins with a single party member, but I'll look into what you said just in case. The...
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    RMMV Party member selection overlay does not appear

    These are all of the plugins I currently have installed, and there are a lot of them. It seems to just be an issue with the main menu manager or the YEP menu overhaul, because when they were disabled, the menu reappeared. They're not essential to my project, but if possible, I'd like to work to...
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    RMMV Party member selection overlay does not appear

    I'm having an issue in my game where the party member selection overlay does not appear while playing. When I select an option in the menu, such as "Equip" or "Skills", the menu that opens to display which party member I want to view is invisible. I can still move my cursor up or down to select...

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