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    December 2019 Goals and Progress Thread

    Pick up where I left off in...October with resolving my MV freebies. Finish my themed dungeon tileset, test enemy TV sprites. Set up itch page and reach out to Degica for (hopeful) store submission.
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    I challenge you!

    Time-limited speed drawing exercises are a technique taught at some creative institutions. You pick a complex object like a car, power tool, laced shoe, etc. and take 20 minutes to draw it, then do a 5 minute drawing, finally 30 seconds. The first two drawings familiarize you to the subject, the...
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    Classic PC style tilesets

    Not many modern devs use the topdown cavalier oblique projection these days. Isometric is more popular. However, it's possible to get something similar by modifying existing...
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    Share your favorite Hidden Gem Game OSTs

    Every now and then I get certain tunes from side-scrolling puzzle game "Puggsy" stuck in my head. Of all my Genesis-owning friends, I've not known another person who has played this game growing up.
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    I challenge you!

    Neat thread idea, used it as an opportunity to practice a sprite inspired by Dodokajet's robot sketch.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @Kouske, the scene is too dark to appreciate any creepy props one might see. @Oddball, it does have a tranquil laid back vibe to it. As for harmony, I guess it depends on how the relationship between people and environment is explained in game. My impression would be that unless they have some...
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    Could I please get some help figuring out how to make DLC Icons work?!

    You put it in the right place but the engine won't recognize it until you rename the file "IconSet", replacing/deleting the existing RTP version in that folder. Or if you plan on using icons from both, merge them using image editing software that supports transparent png.
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    October Goals and Progress Thread

    I want to launch my MV freebie resource thread this month, though I still need to - decide which resources to allow for personal/non-commercial vs commercial use. - sort out my Terms of Use for either options.
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    Yellow Cobble and Brick Roads

    Upon rereading the Rules, you probably should have included the sheets you wanted edited in your OP. oh well. Updated previous reply file. Last round for this request, I didn't do the shadows for grass, too time consuming.
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    Yellow Cobble and Brick Roads

    Ok. Edited to include update.
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    Yellow Cobble and Brick Roads

    4 of those were turned versions not in the original sheet, so adding them will remove 4 others. I didn't know what other tiles you might be using from A5 in your project. If you really don't care I'll throw them wherever, but it's good practice to learn how optimize your own tile sheets; I'd...
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    Yellow Cobble and Brick Roads

    This work?
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    Yellow Cobble and Brick Roads

    Could you be a bit more specific which original tiles you want modified, do you mean one of the autotiles on A2 or the standalone ones on A5? If the latter are they above or below the gray stairs?
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    Linear Battle Movement

    Are you asking for plugins that increase the number of frames sprite sheets use, like Galv's?
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    Game & Map Screenshots 11

    @Oddball I didn't even notice the alter until you said there was one. Part of the problem is that the blood is just a flat floating smear, it doesn't conform to the surfaces. Try making the blood on the top surface slighting lighter than the side. I'd also use a different floor tile, the...

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