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  • Haven't makered in a year. First thing to do? Update my plugin of course :) (And plan another ambitious project of course)
    *sigh* Around 1 to 1.5h wasted hunting for a bug in my plugin - because my test-setup using $gameVariables was wrong.

    At least it's working now and i learned something.
    Yep, scripting is like that. :-(  Last year I lost 12 hours to a missing underscore and 3 to a pair of brackets (that should have been parentheses).  We're all there sometimes.  #PROGRAMMERLIFE
    When i'm at work i can't wait to go home to work on my game. And at home i do everything but work on the game. :( Why...?
    First really productive day. My idea of making a lot of small functional maps (fine-tuning comes later) is working. Already done 10 maps today and the day isn't over (and i have the day off tomorrow).
    Three small prototype inside-maps, a half-finished barebone maps of a village and some database-settings. Not the most productive day, but better than nothing after a year-long pause :)
    Healthy again Yeah \o/ - And start the new week with bureaucratic stuff ugh.. on the upside just ordered a new laptop, current estimate is next friday \o/
    Used most of my free time the last day to work on the concept of my main project (Morgun) - the arum-project will likely be canceled. Three weeks is clearly not enough time for me to make even a simple game.
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grief... when ONE plugin is causing a range of issues lol. but then you realize it's the only plugin of it's kind and you don't have a replacement for it lol. oof
the "Run and Hydlide" Update is now live for my game "A Postmortem Nation"

I'll be back soon, reality is trying to capture me but I'm faster!
Mother-in-laws....(eye roll)

Was playing a little Stardew Valley, (haven't in ages) and she comes around and asks, 'oh, whatever happened to those pixel art you were suppose to be doing, pretending you were going to be selling... to nobody.'

Good morning to you too. Ugh.

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