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  • Haven't makered in a year. First thing to do? Update my plugin of course :) (And plan another ambitious project of course)
    *sigh* Around 1 to 1.5h wasted hunting for a bug in my plugin - because my test-setup using $gameVariables was wrong.

    At least it's working now and i learned something.
    Yep, scripting is like that. :-(  Last year I lost 12 hours to a missing underscore and 3 to a pair of brackets (that should have been parentheses).  We're all there sometimes.  #PROGRAMMERLIFE
    When i'm at work i can't wait to go home to work on my game. And at home i do everything but work on the game. :( Why...?
    First really productive day. My idea of making a lot of small functional maps (fine-tuning comes later) is working. Already done 10 maps today and the day isn't over (and i have the day off tomorrow).
    Three small prototype inside-maps, a half-finished barebone maps of a village and some database-settings. Not the most productive day, but better than nothing after a year-long pause :)
    Healthy again Yeah \o/ - And start the new week with bureaucratic stuff ugh.. on the upside just ordered a new laptop, current estimate is next friday \o/
    Used most of my free time the last day to work on the concept of my main project (Morgun) - the arum-project will likely be canceled. Three weeks is clearly not enough time for me to make even a simple game.
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Why you do this? Now I have to buy the new RPG Maker xD
I've always dreaded planning for my games so I just didn't plan at all. That... didn't work out after all. :kaosigh:
Turns out it can be kind of fun if you keep the scope small and don't take it way too seriously.
well... for the first time in months... I feel like my game is headed towards something again. I finally have it where I won't be drawing battle assets for the rest of the year...
What I would give to actually get some feedback on my game...

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