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  • I bought your plugin (Grid Inventory for RPG Maker MV) today. I'm still a bad programmer, I need an example. Please make a small complete example where the plugin is used. You can delete the plugin itself from the project, since it is paid. I'll put my purchased copy of the plugin in there.:LZSwink:

    @tvorimvsevmeste Please don't use profile posts to ask support questions. You can either start a thread, or send the member a private message. Thank you.

    Hey man you helped me out a long time ago with a plugin i was wondering if you can help me out one more time since its literally the last thing i need help with if not is cool but id figured id ask you one more soild.
    Sure, however it depends on what it is :) Just shoot me a pm with the details :D
    A heads up for the future. Please do not use Profile Posts to ask for help, it is not their purpose. Either send a pm to the person or post in the relevant thread if it is about e.g. a plugin.
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Anyone can recommend a good gaming mouse? My mouse wheel has given up. Last mouse was steel series diablo iii edition (I know, it's been a while)
And then I figured out a way to doing a "regular animation" that's affected by PIXI particles. So now each frame of the animation gets particle effects. Soon my dreams of a world without QSprite will be realized. :kaopride:
Currently every NPC in my RPG gets a name, its kinda useless to name all, but Its also cool, somehow.
Biggest prob is to come up with different names. xD
I'm back from my visit to my family. Was really great to see them again after a year even if I had to get tested for covid for the visit.
Procrastination at it's finest.

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