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    Help. I want to read some variables from the game and create a JSON with that data.

    Im not planning to do web deployments, but if I ever need it, thank you for the heads up =)
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    Help. I want to read some variables from the game and create a JSON with that data.

    @standardplayer Yeap, worked perfectly. Thanks!
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    Help. I want to read some variables from the game and create a JSON with that data.

    I think it is not that complicated then..I´ll give it a try and if I have more question, i´ll be back. thank youuuu!
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    Help. I want to read some variables from the game and create a JSON with that data.

    Hi all, My objective is to do like a test leaderboard of sorts. So what I want to do is read some ingame variables and store them in a JSON file. I have basic javascript knowledge. Could you guide me as into how to create this json file so I can use that data elsewhere? Thank you!
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    HELP: Converting this arrow function...

    I see.... So, whenever Im converting arrow to regular functions I need to consider that if the keyword "this"is being used, I need to declare a variable = this first because "this" is not binded to the object?
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    HELP: Converting this arrow function...

    Hi, Im tryng to convert arrow functions to regular ones and viceversa just to understand them 100%. But I cant make my code work this one: setTimeout(() => this.colorOff(color), 350) I converted to: setTimeout(function () { this.colorOff(color); }, 350); The arrow function works but not...
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    Deny Item

    You can use I think is just exactly what you need.
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    Changing random battles during gameplay.

    Why dont you use this plug in? You can set the troops to the condition you want. Like if Switch "Boss defeated?" is on then do not appear, else, appear.
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    Action Sequence Nested IF

    Hmm I dont know how to check if the hit will be critical so it does another animation. what you can do is your own critical system in your attack skill and then in that case is possible. Like: random numer between 1 and 100 if its 4 or less do critical animation else do normal attack anmation
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    Help in changing the text color.

    Worked perfectly, thank you!!!
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    Help in changing the text color.

    Hi all! Im using Mog Hunters Battle hud: The plug in draws the name of my actors, what I want is to change the color of the names, in this case "Keith" and "Bree". The line that draws the name is this._name.bitmap.drawText(this._battler._name...
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    Lenin - The Lion (FULL GAME Available on STEAM)

    Congratulations!!! I saw this game at driftwood gaming first impressions, I love the way it looks and the music is amazing but above all, I love what you are doing with the story, I think you are doing your bit about inclusion (gay people, people with a disability, different people in general)...
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    How to change Text color?

    Hi all! Im doing a bit of coding for the scene_battle, and when I want to draw a variable that contains text, I can draw it but I dont know how to change the color of that text. Can you point me on the right direction? thanks!
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    Help with conditional branches and Input.isPressed buttons...

    Hi all! Im making some tutorials where the tutorial`s page repeat itself until ok or left input is pressed and then it goes to the next page. Now it works perfectly on the map screen, but if I go to a battle and try my tutorial system there, it doesn't work. Im assuming that Input.isPressed...
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    Hi all! Simple question, how old are you?

    Yes, sorry, I chose my words poorly. Lets say I´m developing a tool that might help developers in their games. I wanted to know the age of the ppl in this forums, so my target was for developers and not for game players.

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