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    RMMV Animated Icons

    @ct_bolt hey, do you have any news about this plugin? :D
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    RMMZ Trials of Cascadia

    Thanks for the reply!
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    RMMZ Trials of Cascadia

    Wow, this game looks awesome and fun to play! I was wondering which plugin did you use to animate the command window in menus. Seems like a parallax image scrolling from left to right.
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    RMMV Corpse Mansion [Open World Action Horror Survival Game]

    Your eventing skill level is over 99999!!! :kaojoy:
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    RMMV Corpse Mansion [Open World Action Horror Survival Game]

    Wow, this game looks so dope! :LZSooo: I can't wait to play it! I was wondering one thing. How did you manage to make mobs drop items? Did you use a plugin for that? Do mobs drop events or icons or pictures?
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    DAE's Lighting System with Optimised Real-Time Shadows and Animated Lights

    Hello! This plugin has a big issue. I tested the demo and I got this error when saving the game:
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    I'm thinking about buying the MZ, but...

    It depends on what plugins are you using at the moment and on what plugins have a MZ version, too. Maybe you can search on Google and see which plugins can be used in both of the RPG Makers. In my personal experience, I'm still using MV because it has more than 6000 plugins available to use.
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    RMMV Somewhen - A Town Builder RPG!

    Oh, those are great plugins! Did you modify the Build and Decor series by yourself?
  9. Makeratore

    RMMV Somewhen - A Town Builder RPG!

    Wow, this game looks so great! I was wondering how you did the placing objects/houses feature. Did you use a plugin to move stuff around? If so, which one?
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    RMMV Animated Icons

    Oh ok, that's good news! Thank YOU for making this awesome plugin! Take all the time you need to finish it, don't worry to rush!
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    RMMV Animated Icons

    Hi @ct_bolt got any news for the plugin? :D
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    RMMV Animated Icons

    Wow, I really like it! It would be so awesome if the plugin could work for custom windows too!

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