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    Your favorite "first boss" in a jrpg?

    Caruban in Legend of Legaia There's nothing special about him or his fight in terms of mechanics, but as a first boss he feels super threatening and kinda unsettling, and that unsettling, almost horror-y tone is an important part of the game's identity I guess compared to a lotta other JRPGs...
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    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    Swords are an overused and largely blandly-used weapon, particularly with main protagonists. At this point, if you're not doing something really interesting with 'em, like Nero's Exceed mechanic in the Devil May Cry games, you should try a different weapon. Even if your character still uses a...
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    Crazy Drivers

    Back in October my foot was run over by a car The pedestrian cross light and the adjacent turn-only lane both lit up at the same time. There weren't any cars stopped in the lane so I just started crossing. Immediately after, a car that had been coming up the lane went right into a turn, not...
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    How did you come up with your name?

    My real name is "Mako" A "mako" is a type'a shark'n the Maori word for "shark" I like the movie Sharknado "Mako" rhymes with "nado" so it flows nicely
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    Poll on Timed Attacks

    I've never liked timed attacks like that (Shadow Hearts, Legend of Dragoon, etc), but I do enjoy it defensively, like for dodges or maybe parries or somethin' I have no problem with a system testin' a player's reflexes, but in a turn-based battle system, it never feels like that's what's...
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    Favorite RPG (growing up)

    Legend of Legaia! The Tactical Arts system is one'a the coolest mechanics in turn based gameplay ta me, 'n as a lifelong martial arts fan I adore that the party members all primarily fight hand-ta-hand in different styles. The game also has a nice soundtrack'n a pretty eerie atmosphere that...
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    Your favorite animal.

    Tigers're the best Ignore my username

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