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  1. MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    Okay, near as I can tell babylonJS supports something called "Procedural Textures" which might make animated textures doable to some extent: I don't know if this plugin has integrated that particular feature of babylonJS, but if...
  2. MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    I understand that OBJ doesn't support animation, but can models be swapped out to simulate animation? (e. g. having a character cycle between a couple of "stepping" models while moving) Second, are animated textures supported in any way for models?
  3. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    Sounds like what you have could probably be adapted to work with this plugin without too much extra work if you wanted. You can already use script calls to make rolls, and you can pass just about any values you deem appropriate that way.
  4. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    Well, the proficient skills of classes aren't mutable in the plugin as it stands, it would seem. But you could always have the individual character's proficiencies represented by Skills and passive States, then using Yanfly's Passive States plugins to swap out the states based on the character's...
  5. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    He has a plugin for that: Talent-based Traits
  6. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    I think that command might actually be triggered by the "cancel" button (as in, the one bound in the controls).
  7. Skill Trees System

    Well, you could use it with Yanfly's Auto Passive States plugin. It allows you to tie automatic states to skills (and other stuff, but it's the skills that are relevant), and then it's as simple as adding it to the skill tree.
  8. Skill Augment/Enhancement System

    Bumping for visibility.
  9. Skill Augment/Enhancement System

    I've noticed that there are a fair number of plugins that let you attach boosts to items, weapons and armor, but I have not yet been able to find one that applies to skills themselves. If you've ever played City of Heroes, then you'll have seen a similar system in action: The player has a list...
  10. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    As far as I'm aware, they can be referenced like any actor parameter. It works in notetags for Yanfly's various state and skill plugins, as well as in the damage formulas. I'd suggest trying it for yourself to make sure, though.
  11. Ultra Mode 7

    It looks like that is using multiple layered parallaxes, some of which are animated (or have animated events on them), not anything resembling Mode7. You might be able to create a similar effect using Galv's Layer Graphics plugin, though. The moving foreground can be done by basing a layer's...
  12. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    I assume they want replicate a different style of check (e.g. GURPS 3d6 roll under skill or World of darkness count dice at or over target). As far as just changing die size/number, I would think that would be relatively easy, but specific types of rolls might require basically their own mini...
  13. [FROG] Magic - Supercharge Your Class Mechanics!

    I did some looking, and I was able to approximate D&D 5th edition spellcasting with SumRndmDde's Skill Extender plugin. I made the dummy extender skill for it, and then created a specific version for each possible level of the spell. It even shows proper costs and consumes slots correctly! This...
  14. Creative Ed's Isometric Solution (Alpha 0.2)

    You kind of just have to eyeball it.
  15. Ultra Mode 7

    There's no image there.

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