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  • Apologies for the bugs featured in the Red Light preview build (although it is a preview), they should've been fixed in the new patch I just released. View the previous profile post for a link to the
    So, seeing as I need some motivation and feedback on my horror game project, I decided to release a preview build that contains the current progress. It's probably a little buggy and definitely not as polished as a demo or release would be, but I still implore you to check it out on @ and leave feedback if you so wish.
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    Hello. I tried to play your game & it will open but suddenly shut down without showing any errors. It gave me no information and I tried a few bug fixes but they all didn't work. So it's either my PC can't run the game or the game has something causing it to shut down before it fully launches.
    If you need to know I can give you my PC specs.
    I'm pretty sure I submitted a username change like 4 months ago.
    No offense but uh, still waiting for my name to be updated :/
    Working on a slightly experimental horror game. It will be finished in approximately 88888888888 years.
    Y'all will enjoy it though, I put lots of effort into making it stand out.

    It's called Red Light and it's inspired by another obscure RPG Maker horror game, but I don't want to give too much away just yet.
    Hey, don't worry. You might have a chance at playing it one day if you put your brain in the cloud! I might even have a chance at finishing it if that becomes a possibility :)
    Hey at least you have a release date :kaopride:
    Big numbers scare me....So you're already creating horror for me o_O
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Orbiting the cactus
Here's this for an idea I might do: A Touhou RPG set in the universe of the Hoi4 mod "The New Order: Last Days of Europe". Expect BurgSys Yukari, the Great Fairy Trial, and funni clock Flandre
The thing I don't like about VRMMORPG anime is that they're unrealistic. I mean, we know we have a lot of ping issues, latency, and desync. Would be funny if you shoot a player and they immediately teleport somewhere because "ha, your internet suck!".
I've decided to try and be more social and less nervous about engaging. I'm always over thinking things - from now on when I'm worried or don't get something I'll just ask.
Sometimes a mechanic that is meant to add challenge is just annoying. Even the Final Fantasy games did not completely escape this pitfall of design. (FF8 draw system I'm looking at you - grrrr)

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