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  • Tried modding Xcom2. Messed up character models. No eyes, just hollow sockets. So unsettling, but good for horror content. Every cloud!
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    The Stranger
    This is why the aliens were invading in the first place. A whole planet filled with nightmarish, eyeless beings that have haunted the dreams of little alien children since time immemorial.
    Any of y'all ever seen a seagull fly by and wanna grab it out of the air and swallow it whole in one rapid arm movement? No? Just me?
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I love this job (as a programmer), coding is fun sometimes. It is just the deadline that needs to CHILL.
Best explanation of "Confirmation Bias": "If you go looking for a fight, you will always find one". If you always look for something, you'll find it. Negativity or Positivity. This is just a reminder to spend time looking for some Positivity today. :D Ya'll have earned it and deserve it.
And now all my attacking skills suddenly heal instead of doing damage...Even kills and revives. Because ofc they do xD
Spend more time building up what you like, and stop tearing down things you don't. If you only tear stuff down, nobody will get to enjoy anything.

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