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  • Tried modding Xcom2. Messed up character models. No eyes, just hollow sockets. So unsettling, but good for horror content. Every cloud!
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    The Stranger
    This is why the aliens were invading in the first place. A whole planet filled with nightmarish, eyeless beings that have haunted the dreams of little alien children since time immemorial.
    Any of y'all ever seen a seagull fly by and wanna grab it out of the air and swallow it whole in one rapid arm movement? No? Just me?
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Here's a preview to an upcoming free track. Kind of a hybrid, Middle Eastern, orchestral thingy. Should be released pretty soon!

Time: duration regarded as belonging to the present life as distinct from the life to come or from eternity; finite duration.


Me against Time now. No second chances. No distractions. All or nothing. Whoever wins is the best fighter.
Come join us for 2 more hours of the fabulous Kindred Novel by BirdBunch! We had a lot of fun yesterday and look forward to exploring more of this compelling game :LZSjoy:

I am happy to announce that a date for the release of the demo on Steam has been decided: On may 26th at 18:00 GMT, the demo will be available for download! One week later, on april 21st, the demo will also be available on other platforms such as and other supported platforms.
"Young boy... I can tell that you've been feeling lonely for years. Blow this candle, make a wish, and you'll make a lot of friends." - Someone to Wish (IMAGINE: Roleplay Club)

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