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    Movie section bugged

    Ummm, I did, like months ago, scroll up slightly and I explained (in detail) how to do this (and I mean a ton of detail, to the point where it's spelled out in such a descriptive manner, that it leaves nothing to do but follow the steps of converting and placing in the game. Not sure how it's...
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    The Royal Petals of Greenrose (R.P.G.) Alpha 3+

    Hi Fish, thank you for trying our very early alpha. For me to get a better understanding of your advice, I need to know how far along you got in it. I'll list off most events in the order of when they occur, so I can see how far along you got in the alpha so I know where they advice applies...
  3. marcelox

    IG Maker and RPG Maker, are resources commercially usable from one to another?

    Hi, I have purchased IG Maker with downloaded it's free resources kit and I have purchased RPG Maker MV and I plan on buying RPG Maker 2003.  Can I use the resources from the RPG Maker MV and 2003 on a commercial game made on the IG Maker? Also, can I use the free resources kit that was made...
  4. marcelox

    Graphics Resources for MV?

    Hi, I have some follow-up questions on this topic. What is RTP? <--- sorry, seen this a lot and no idea what it stands for. Also, can these purchasable graphic resource packs be used commercially? I ask because Fantasic Building: Medieval looks nice and I looked in the page for the commerical...
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    The Royal Petals of Greenrose (R.P.G.) Alpha 3+

    Hi, Wife and I have been working our butts off since the launch of MV (never used RPG Maker before) and I am done with an enhanced version of the third alpha of The Royal Petals of Greenrose (R.P.G.) I made an android and web version, but those run horribly (one requires a strong...
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    Exporting to flash fails, but normal PC exporting doesn't

    Seeing as how my topic was not responded by the support staff, I figured I put it in the wrong forums, so here is almost the same post that is in the IG forums: Hi, I followed the tutorial on exporting to flash. So the java / flex is taken care of. When I try to export my bigger game, it gets...
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    With IG Maker what exporting options do I have?

    How did you get Flash to work as an export on IG Maker? My fails every attempt on 2 different PCs with different Windows on it, even with the premade games that come with IG maker.
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    YEP Core Engine update moved all my troops and limited how low they can go

    I set mine to false as soon as I got the plugin, and the weird thing is that it moved the enemies yet not the SV_Actors. So while that seems like that is the culprit, it might not be. :( Is there a way to get older versions of the YEP CoreEngine, like the 2nd or 3rd release that fixed the...
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    Monster Book

    This looks awesome, but with it being only "Free for non-commercial games." That makes it unusable to many, including me. :(   I wish more people would allow us to use their plug-ins so we can actually make a cool game and then "IF" we decide to sell it later on, we can. But with "Free for...
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    YEP Core Engine update moved all my troops and limited how low they can go

    Hi, I've been using the core engine that came with the rpg maker mv and my game was coming along nicely, except the android version, so to fix a certain problem, I had to update the YEP Core Engine to the latest version. Now all my enemies (troops) are notcibly higher than they were before...
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    D-Pad + Action Button plugin request

    Hey masked this is great, thanks so much the game Im using has a purpose for all buttons: ACTION CANCEL MAP MOUNT MENU DASH I was wondering if you are planning on adding a customizable amount of buttons on the screen so we can assign gamepad-buttons/command events to each button on the...
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    Anyone know how to make Skills in Database show target name in the battle log?

    Hi, thanks for this. I made this into a js and activated it. Then I changed the battle messages to include %2 and then I tried a battle, as soon as I used the spell with %2 in it, it gave me this error:  TypeError Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
  13. marcelox

    Anyone know how to make Skills in Database show target name in the battle log?

    Hi, I'm making skills in the Database and I need some help with the Message coding. Normally a cure spell would have this in the Message part: casts %1! which says "...casts Cure!" in the battle But I want to make something like: casts %1 and (blank) recovers HP! and I want (blank) to say...
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    Minimizing game deployment file size?

    128 is fine, I was thinking you were talking about real compression like 48k, that crap's really noticeable, even though it becomes very small in size. mono is a great idea.
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    5 Questions. I need some help please.

    sure thing, thought it would be more convenient but I see how it can be confusing, 1 question from now on

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