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    Animation [Tetra Vortex]

    Tetra Vortex. Skill from Warlock from Ragnarok Online. Could someone please do this "explosion" animation? I pretend to use it on my side view battle.
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    Skill Condition. Help![Solved]

    You just miss a parenthesis before this.isHpEffect(). Correct form: if (this.isSkill() && this.isHpEffect() && target.result().hpDamage < 0 && target.isAlive()) { Thanks dude! :kaoluv:
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    Skill Condition. Help![Solved]

    Hello! I'm using Yanfly plugins. I added this passive skill "Echo of Healing" to my game. This passive effect makes it so that any healing done by a member affected by this passive will grant an additional percentage done to their target. Check the link below for an accurate description. YEP...
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    [Solved]ItemUpgradeSlots: Items not showing.

    I started another project and added only the YEP_CoreEngine, ItemCore and ItemUpgradeSlots plugins. it worked! still don't know what the problem was, i'll try to figure it out. Thanks!
  5. Marco_Schuler

    [Solved]ItemUpgradeSlots: Items not showing.

    Yes, i did. I made an event to add all "runes attachments", a weapon and an armor to my inventory to test it. Edit: BTW i copied this guy's tutorial. It works fine to him, not to me. Everything the plugin has to offer is working fine apart from the "attachments" not showing up in the "upgrade...
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    [Solved]ItemUpgradeSlots: Items not showing.

    The "runes" items i'd like to attach to my weapons/armors are not showing up. Help! The YEP_X_ItemUpgradeSlots plugin is below the YEP_ItemCore as it sugests. My weapons/armors have 3 slots available by default. Did i do something wrong ? see pictures of my settings. Plugin...

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