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    Rpg Maker 2000 Playstation onto PC?

    All you have to do is get the save ripped to pc and then emulate the game rom since you already own the game its legal and then run it in an emulator. Interact DexDrive Personally if the game isnt too big I would try recreating it for fun on the pc in an emulator.
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    Theo - Target Selection Consistency. Area of effect needs a selection phase too.

    works perfect thanks, would be a good option to have if you update, anyways this is one of those underrated plugins. Thanks!
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    Collection Of Snippets Latest update April 29-22

    Hello, i'm using your snippet Custom Battle Hud Part 1. I'm not using the second part. How can I make it so the main battle menu of the actors lines up with the command window? Currently its like 4 pixels higher and it doesnt line up. I tried adjusting a lot of the numbers in your script and...
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    Akea Animated Battle System 2

    So to get the phantasy star look we just edit the sv sprites to have the idle pose be the back of the character graphic. Then adjust their positioning with x and y to those spots?
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    :2k32:Thank you. So clean, So simple.
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    One Line Battle Message Plugin (Updated With New Parameters)

    A very underrated plugin! :2k31:
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    RMMZ Adjust Window_ActorCommand & Window_BattleStatus = Rows and Columns

    That is perfect, thank you. From there I can do the rest for the other windows.
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    RMMZ Adjust Window_ActorCommand & Window_BattleStatus = Rows and Columns

    Yes exactly, I was able to do it with rmmv, But Im unable to with rmmz.
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    RMMZ Adjust Window_ActorCommand & Window_BattleStatus = Rows and Columns

    Thanks but like you were saying setting maxrows doesnt work. In rmmv it would be .numVisiblerows I think they might have coded it differently where its not based on rows anymore. It might be based on the window height now. I have to see how to change that but it seems the height value might be...
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    RMMZ Adjust Window_ActorCommand & Window_BattleStatus = Rows and Columns

    Update: I was able to get the effect in RMMV using Yanflys Core and some other small scripts but they dont translate to MZ. And theres no MZ equivalent right now.
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    LadyBaskerville's Miscellaneous Javascript Snippets

    Just what I needed thanks for the shift enemies!
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    Eli Move Choice - Sliding choices and custom positions!

    Hmmm can I use this to do horizontal choices, to put the choices menu where the message window would be.
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    RMMZ Adjust Window_ActorCommand & Window_BattleStatus = Rows and Columns

    I updated this post again for one more shot at someone being able to help. I'm requesting a plugin that would allow me to force the window to show only 2 rows and 2 columns of skills. Like a message core manager but for the battle window. Yanflys mv core had a setting to force the battle...
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    AP System

    This is so simple and easy to use! Going to use this as a fame counter.

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