Hello! I am Marisela Rodriguez I am 22 years old now. Will be 23 this year... everything here is TRUE my interests are space, stars, bikes, cars, Pokémon, yugioh, rare starry hunters☆☆☆, performing, rollerskating, school, art,ice cream Shakes, traveling, Carnivals especially deep fried ones!!!! ✨ the Beatles, hihi puffy Amiyumi (old cartoonetwork show), fritz the cat, south Park, bojack horseman, Dronks,(profilepic) love. Glow in the dark **** led strong lights, working on bike stunts, Everybody is soo welcome! To comment! I'm new here.. :/ but I will see what I can do! I know THIS year will be GREAT like a touch down! Whoo!! peace on Earth!
Oct 13, 1995 (Age: 24)
Montclair, CA
About Me
Loves candy parties Beatles Art
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Drawing theatre performing candy, carnival crazy, the Beatles, cars


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This time around I don't have early access to the new maker, so I have to wait like everyone else to look under the hood. I really hope we get to soon though, I'm pretty excited :D
Chaos17 wrote on Poryg's profile.
Hi, I am following your videos tutorials serie about coding on MV and I am at the third video. Thank you for making it but's a bit hard to follow since you don't show the whole plugin at the end. I had to screenshot the lines between 110-159 because you scrolled so fast on them.
I'm not sure if I should be happy for MZ, or sad for MV.
Not going to lie.... The update's cool and all, but I immediately ran to Mog's site and was like, "Update! Update! Update!" while breathing on the page of his Star Ocean Battle System plugin. :kaoswt:
Ho boi. I can already see the storm of ugly actor faces RTP customizable facesets from MZ are gonna flood. XD

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