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    Welcome to the club! :/

    Welcome to the club! :/
  2. Markus I.

    Hahah, I can agree with that.

    Hahah, I can agree with that.
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    Way past the 1337 mark at RPG Maker MV on steam, and not a single game released *shrugs*

    Way past the 1337 mark at RPG Maker MV on steam, and not a single game released *shrugs*
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    Event RPG Maker 29th Birthday: Release Something Event

    So, apart from my main ongoing project (which is a commercial one), there's this one who is nearly completion that I started back in 2015 but gave up thanks to other duties. I guess that's a possibility for a release, uh?
  5. Markus I.

    Tonbi's material factory

    Just staying that I'm on the process of converting each of one of my sprites to your template, laborious task but the results will be amazing! Thank you, very much!
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    Inconsistency in the game's art style? A no-go?

    Depends on the threshold of the difference - for instance, I'm having to cope with a problem with my assets because whenever I draw new lines into tilesets, portraits, etc, there's a slight difference in the "crispness" between RTP assets and my custom ones, regardless if I try my best to copy...
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    what do "Dark" and "Holy" elements represent in your game?

    In my game magic works by flowing from an original cosmological plane to the material plane (where the game setting is). "Dark" magic is regarded as "Void" magic and its properties include mainly the ability to dispel and nullify any other kind of magic, being extremely useful against...
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    When you lose progress on your project.

    I'm using RPG Maker for a long time - since 2007. And during one of my developments of a gamed called "Soul Orb" in late 2008 my computer froze while I was mapping in VX, I had to restart just to discover all data files had been corrupted. I lost everything of a game that was 1/4 completed, but...
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    August Goals and Progress Thread

    I plan on finishing a technical demo of my project including just the first chapter, sadly I don't intend to release it publicly yet, I'll send to a couple of friends that simply LOVE to give nitpicking yet constructive feedbacks.
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    Season Pass - DLC 3 Sneak Peek

    Awesome! Didn't noticed that it was taking so long to release for I haven't been meddling with RPG Maker recently, right when my vacations started :v
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    Origin of Magic in your game world

    There are two beliefs regarding magic in the world I developed. First one is that magic came through the "Arcane Fountain", a gift from the Gods to the mankind, no more explanations are given by this theory. The second one is a scientific approach to its existence, since it's a time where...
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    Skills w/ Common Events - Caller's ID

    Much obliged! The only problem was that the common event call was made by the skill before the variable could get the actor ID, but I found a workaround by "silentely" calling another skill by the common event of the first one, and then using all the procedure of another common event in the...
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    Skills w/ Common Events - Caller's ID

    Not sure if bad syntax or something else, but the variable that is designated to contains the Actor ID does not change at all! I tested with using the skill on field and inside a battle, and the variables remains at 0. Here some images for you to see if I'm not doing anything stupid. Oh yeah...
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    Skills w/ Common Events - Caller's ID

    So, I'm going to be brief about my problem here. Imagine the following situation: A skill with the ID x that Bob knows will trigger, when used, a certain common event to display a message, then, Anna, that knows the same skill will also trigger this common event during the usage, but it will...
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    Luna's Tiles (MV)

    You folks are fast, aren't? It's good to see that the community of MV is already growing. Anyway, beautiful tilesets, can't wait for more of these :)

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