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Personal useful notes;

The link to my Custom Housing!
If Steam's Workshop have another fit when I do updates;

This is the link to the Free Community DLC (I wish at least the $Dragon was made at least by then ;) )
and it also loads in Steam now!

And something new I started that is what I would wish to do as upgrade for the previous link posted here all credits to Lunarea's base work
First set had been made by Avery here;

My space themed free resource set.

Also good game tutorial for VX Ace here;​

And... about the Luna Engine;
for those who are script illiterates like me

Take care, not just on-line, not just of yourselves!

Previous challenge; I guess they all worked out in last forum.
Next challenge; Edit my PMs, post over 140 character status, understand to incorporate images, open safely the BBC code helper? :D


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