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  1. Unable to find..

    Oh, i did, i wanted to remove it and i forgot.. It works now, Thank you Shaz! :rwink:
  2. Unable to find..

    Hello, When i try to run my game it says.. . So, there was never such a thing "Taylor Face" in pictures, only in faces! not surprised it can't find it when there is no such a thing.. What could the problem be?
  3. Bust Portraits

    Oh, found it, thank you.
  4. Bust Portraits

    BixHD, Thank you! But I can't find it, can you guide me how to get to the bust portraits
  5. Bust Portraits

    Thank you Andar, If you know some free once, can you link them to me please?
  6. Bust Portraits

    Hello, I heard about bust portraits and they seem really nice. So i would like to ask, do i have to create the bust portraits by myself or is there something that i can download that gives me them automatically..? Thank you
  7. Choose Sprite

    So.. how can i fix it?
  8. Choose Sprite

  9. Choose Sprite

    Hey, Watch the video first please! Click here! The sprite is too big and i can't choose it all. What to do? Thanks
  10. Revival's Reaping

    Hey, I'm going to use it and i'll credit you!:)
  11. Change Menu Categories Names

    Hey! This is a weird question, but when you click escape in-game, it shows "Items" and all of that stuff.. Can i change the name of the categories? Like change it from items too.. loot or something.. Thanks, Mars
  12. Changing Map Place in List

    You didn't changed the place of the map in the list..
  13. Changing Map Place in List

    When i drag it to somewhere it's even not getting dragged.. I drag it, and it goes back to the place it was..
  14. Vlue's Script Event Page Conditions qeustions

    Hello! Do you want to learn how to use Conditions Branch? I don't really get the question..
  15. Changing Map Place in List

    It's not working, when i drag it it's just placing it to a randon place :(

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