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  • Hi. Can I ask You about Your Map Zoom plugin?
    It's about it's zooming, which is trully good, but how to avoid picture being zoomed too?
    Please post your question in the plugin's thread or, if necessary, start a new thread in Plugin Support.
    Hi there! I'm trying to sort out an issue with your FPLE script. I replaced the tileset from the demo with a simple one of my own and... it's not working. I've attached images to show the differences. According to others in the forums, the tileset I'm using should be formatted properly. I'm hoping you might know what's going on so I can pursue a proper solution.
    Crud. I should have read the comments below this and realized this isn't the place to ask this. My apologies. I'm not sure how to delete my question...
    There's no delete option, just post a post in script support about the issue though if you haven't already so that hopefully someone can assist.
    I'd like to send you some money. I use your FPLE and without it I couldn't make my game.
    This is probably best dealt with in a private message, not a public post.
    Send me some money instead. I could use it.
    I had no idea profile messages were public. I don't see an option for PM.
    Turn On Turn Off plugin - using only inside dungeons.. is possible?
    I have removed the Portuguese. This is an English language site and only English can be used in public posts.
    Please do not use Status Updates to ask Support questions, that is not their purpose. Ask in the thread for that plugin.
    Since i can't PM you... Could you help me find a way to make FPLE work in my project? It has many plugins and i think that some are creating a few problems...
    This is showing... and i need a way to turn khas lighting and/or fog OFF when FPLE is used, and turn FPLE off when i don't need it(when it's on, game shows other problems)
    @elpeleq42 and @Masked Please do not use Status Updates for Support questions, that is not their purpose. Please discontinue this discussion and use a pm - @elpeleq42 see my comment above on how to initiate one. Unless you have been blocked by a particular Member, you can always pm them.
    i completely missed the avatar popup, tho the information tab is kinda not intuitive. but glad to know you could
    It's impossible, i tried it in many ways. I'm not blocked by him, but his name has spaces before and after, so every time i send PMs it goes to an user that doesn't exist, since this forum doesn't support special characters like space, #, %,etc when writing a username to send PMs. Try it yourself, it goes to that user:
    Masked, could you PM me?
    Hi, I'm trying to make a game for android using your MobileDirPad. is there a way (any line of the plugin I can edit) to re-enable the normal touch movent and also preserve the buttons. (reason is I want only the cancel button, and I can move the unwanted buttons offscreen to disable, but I want to do touch movement too.
    Hi. Profile feeds are not the place for this sort of question. You will be best off posting in the topic for the plugin or in plugin support. Thanks.
    hello! You made a 3d FPLE for MV? Awesome! But it appears someone is having trouble with it:

    Thanks for making this script, I have been looking forward to one for a while and you just helped a ton!
    I'm ready to give a donation if someone can fix this plugin.
    Is everything ok? You haven't posted much recently.

    A lot of people are waiting for news on FPLE MV since February.
    Hello, thank you for your FPLE script!

    But I have one question: In my game, how to remove the script once my labyrinth scene has been past.

    Hi Masked,

    I was trying your MV Pluggin for having buttons on mobile. I wish to keep the touch controls and only have a menu button on top of my map. Is this possible? If not, I'd like to request it. You may want to have this button transform into a back button inside menus, in battles and on save/load screens. If you accept and want some money for this request, I'm willing to contribute for your skills and efforts!

    Something I've noticed. A lof of people who are were playing with laptops are using their pad and were wondering 'how to go back or access menus'. So if it's possible to have a paremeter in the plugin to have the buttons also available on desktop that would be great.

    Let me know what you think!

    I can be reached at 
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