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>Wake up in the night
>Can't sleep
>Draw little freak
>Come up with pancake based puns for attacks
>Back to bed
UHHHHH. What is this and how did someone find my game on here? 1653527395160.png

my game has distinct areas where travel through what are known as "battle stations" these are more or less areas to explore and fight. occasionally, you'll stumble across secret rooms with sidequests ready to be taken. this area is in the high school attic of all places... but how do ya get there is the question.
Redoing my intro scene for the 10 millionth time is pain
So this flat Earther named Mike Hughes build his own rocket to prove that the Earth was flat. But on liftoff he still had the ladder he climbed up to the rocket laying against it. Needless to say things didn't go as planned.

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