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  • Mathis replied to the thread Loading fail.
    Sorry, I will be more careful next time And thank you for making me aware of my mistakes Very well I'll take care of it and I'll let...
  • Mathis replied to the thread Loading fail.
    This is a game I bought on DLsite it is called: Mira and the mysterious alchemy OR ミラと不思議な錬金術 The game is released on May 31, 2019 The...
  • Mathis replied to the thread Loading fail.
    Yes it's a game I bought
  • Mathis posted the thread Loading fail in RPG Maker MZ Support.
    problem with this game
    • Desktop Screenshot 2021.07.04 -
  • Mathis replied to the thread Error.
    tell you exactly which console
  • Mathis posted the thread Error in RPG Maker MZ Support.
    Hi, I have a missing file and I don't know how to find it
    • Desktop Screenshot 2021.06.27 -

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Terribly depressed. Worst birthday I've had in years, no motivation to work on anything. Still no income. At least I've got my computer running again.
Doing RPG Maker News for 19th September 2021

Stream will be live with some Dark Souls 3, followed by a session of the Interactive Text Adventure! Feel free to drop by!
I THINK I have a slightly better grasp on drawing my maps now... sorta. I still need to figure out how to draw a city of sorts. I've only got the abstract going so far.

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