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  • Sir good morning, i am new in RPG making ^_^ i recently downloaded the software and im planning to make a game my problem is i dont have an artistic talent for making sprites hahah specially the SV enemies. I'm just hoping if you can share some of your enemies sv sprites?
    Thank you in advance sir.
    God bless. 
    Matt Beer
    Matt Beer
    I only have Toby's Island enemies and those are exclusive to my game.  Sorry :(
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Every RPG and MMO should let you transmog\glamour your gear so you can look the way you want.
So, to clear up things, this section is to speak about personal life stuff and such? or maybe upload game content?
excerpt from my game FW: WHAT?! You want me to shear sheep? I had servants, who had servants, that had servants that did peasants work. Vincent: Do you see any of your servants here? FW: Well... no. Of course not. Vincent: Then get to work.
The dumbest mechanic I just encountered today : boss recovers 10% HP when a party member is KO-ed, who thinks this is a great idea again...?
Apparently my brain took a holiday today, so far I've stared blankly at the maker for 3 hours. Duuuuuuuuh.

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