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  1. Translate something in RPG Maker Help

    Hello guys, I am wondering how i can translate my Pokemon Essentials Game into my language. I already installed a translated pack and opened the Editor, extracted the data and compiled it, then i made a second language tab in game, and it was working fine. But now i translated something on my...
  2. How To speed up RPG-Maker?

    Okay, thank u very much for your help. i took Danna-K's tip now with the frame rate and it works very nice! ;) I am wondering now how i can start the faster frame rate at the beginning of a pokemon fight. Would help me very much to tell me where i can set something before a pokemon fight...
  3. How To speed up RPG-Maker?

    Well thank you for your tip, but i dontr really know with what scripts speed this up, its in Pokemon essentials and i dont know where i can find the settings for the fight etc..
  4. How To speed up RPG-Maker?

    Thanks for your answers. My RAM or my Computer isnt too slow. I meant really the speedf of the game, its not aused by the events or the map size, i only like the game a bit faster then default.
  5. How To speed up RPG-Maker?

    Hello there guys, i was wondering how i can speed up the game in game maker, because i am going to start a pokemon map and its too slow for me. I mean the battles, the movement of player, just everything except the texts. Could you tell me please how to speed up all that? i dont know where to...

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