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  1. RMMV Some Question about YanFly Battle plugin

    Dear gamemaker, yanfly supporters, I have some question about the Plugin, and maybe the game itself, hope you guys can help me solve out my problem. Sorry about my English, so I will go straight to the points: QUESTION 1. Why my Game's animation not work as normal when I use Action Sequence...
  2. Iliketea's commoners clothing line

    Dear liketea, I'm using your resource for my project now. How lovely that you care for the pleasant, lol =)) But yes, RPG game not means just main character. Thank you, anyway. But I think if you can gather all of your work into a single download file, must be better. Well, I take alot of time...
  3. RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    strange thing is... I can download your file now, with my... phone. My PC or Laptop can't run your site :D
  4. Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    oh I know where is my stupid :)) I delete all needed trait of Class. My bad... Sorry.
  5. Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    Dear dev, I'm noob here, so please tell me, how this happen to me? I use newest version of RPG Maker MV from Steam, and those plugin which downloaded new from yanfly site: It work for awhile. Than I started creating Class, Actor... and the Error started. Well, I alway "Missed" and there is...
  6. Making Players Move In To Attack

    Dear TSW, could you please tell me, extractly how you made enemy move in? My code: Sideview Attack Motion not working? And even my character not move in enemy when they attack, too?
  7. RPG Maker MV/MZ Extended Generator - Version 0.68 - Update on the 10th April 2021

    Can you please release your apps in another site to download? It's hard to get in your download site right now. Please try mega or mediafire? Thanks.

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