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    Animation shown once on Multi hit attacks.

    So, I want to make an attack that hits the enemy multiple times but when the attack executes in battle, the animation is shown that many times that i have set to repeat the attack. (example below) (as you can see in the image, I put 3 in the repeat box and when I use the skill in battle, it...
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    Overworld Tint and Battleback

    Thanks i appreciate the help =D
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    Overworld Tint and Battleback

    So, im currently making a game on RMVXA and in one of the areas you're in some sort of Volcanic or Hot area and i put as a tint for it to be Red, And so when i test it to see if it looked good and When i went into battle, the battleback i used as well as the Enemies, they all changed into a bit...
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    [VX Ace]Yanfly Adjust Limits Notetag not working

    did you put the max level along with your initial level in the note box? (example: <initial level: 240>) ( <max level: 99999>) Because if you think about it logically... the script doesn't know where to stop at for the character.
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    NO *Leaves*

    NO *Leaves*
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    Yeetus Fuleetus, Giveme the Keetus

    Yeetus Fuleetus, Giveme the Keetus

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