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    SV_Battlers from SV_enemies [9. The Hornet]

    i dont see the pictures
  2. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    Shades of Battler, Animated (356), DragonBones (148)

    Thanks for these, I will love to use it in my commercial project, as soon as it is ready, I give you the credits and a copy of the game
  3. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    TTKOZ Freedom Project MV: New: Binary Data Element Pack

    Very good, it is very necessary.
  4. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    Tonbi's material factory

    Hi, i´m suprise with yours resolces, however have a problem with links broken Object - Stairs and banisters - Castle - Woods -Cliff - Autotile template no worked it.
  5. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    Removing Menu Options mv

    I would like to know how to disable the menu of the game, I know that it is possible to tweak the confugurations of the Js file, however I have no programming experience.
  6. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    Translated Terms of Usage of Japanese blogs
  7. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    It's working perfectly now, it was just updating the program!
  8. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    Exporting to Android (MV Android Client)

    I did everything right, it is not reproducing BGM and video (mp4)
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    Hello, how do I post a post to advertise my game project?

    Hello, how do I post a post to advertise my game project?
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    TrueClash's Armory

    Very good.
  11. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    OH! RPG!

    Buying the game are the DLCs free?
  12. Maycon Gama Ribeiro

    SE no reproduce in APK game - XDK Intel

    I use the Intel XDK program and convert my project to apk, the audio SE is not reproduced, could you tell me why it does not work?

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