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  1. Multi-effect skill

    Well, looks like I have one more question after all. Wavelength, I am experimenting with single-target linked skills and I have come across some problems. Is there a way to make sure that when I use a linked skill the target of the second skill is going to be the target of the first? Or if the...
  2. Multi-effect skill

    Thank you Wavelenght, the script did the trick. Everything is working as intended. Thank all you guys for your help. :)
  3. Multi-effect skill

    Ok, it's almost working as intended but now I have a new question. How do I change the battle message for a skill so it doesn't show like this: " *user* something something." When I use a skill that call up two diferent skills, all messages show up like you would expect from 3 diferent skills...
  4. Multi-effect skill

    Hi guys. As the title says, I want to know how to create a skill with multiple effects. For example, a skill that first deals fire damage and then ice damage or a skill that first deals damage to the enemy party and then heals the player's party. I think it should work like two diferent skills...
  5. Instant KO State - Help

    Thank you guys for the help but I still can't do it the way I want. But I found something. Isn't it possible to use the  "Yanfly Engine Ace - Lunatic States" script to do this? I should be abble to create a state and use the tag  <apply effect> to cause the target damage equals to 100% of its...
  6. Instant KO State - Help

    That doesn't work. If you apply the default death state to a target that doesn't have 0 HP, he doesn't die, he just can't act anymore. That was the first thing I tried.
  7. Instant KO State - Help

    That much i know how to do but that's not really what I want. Only a instant KO state can do that. For example, I can have a skill that deals damage and also can KO a character with "x %" chance. Also, by making an enemy imune to that state, he will still recieve the damage but would't be...
  8. Instant KO State - Help

    Hi. I am trying to creat a state like the instant death in the FF series but for some reason, I can't do it. Just using the standard *death* state in a skill doen't work, the enemy doesn't die, he just can't move anymore. Using a unique ellement doesn't work the way I want either, for that to...
  9. Costumize Equipment

    I have checked it and it looks great. Thanks for your help. :)
  10. Costumize Equipment

    Hi. I would like to know if there is any way (with or without a script) to create some form of equipment costumization similar to the system in FF X. For those who haven't played the game, the weapons and armors in this game don't give raw stats. Instead, they have a number of "slots" from one...
  11. Use skills to interct with the environment

    Hello I would like to know if any of you guys can make a script that lets you use skill to solves puzzles like in Pokemon or Golden Sun games. I've searched for scripts like that everywhere but I can't find anything. Thank you for your help. :)

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