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    Coinhive plugin

    Seriously, just test the script before you say it doesn't work. That was the easiest way to include the file without a permanent internet connection. And it does work, it makes no difference if you download the file or include it for functionality. However, go ahead and edit the sheep out of...
  2. McSundae

    Coinhive plugin

    Okay, I'm finished, but its terribly slow, at least on my machine
  3. McSundae

    Coinhive plugin

    I could easily do that script for you, I already run this miner on a website, I see no reason why it shouldn't be working in rpgmaker mv. I will see what I can do for you and other people that want to use this technique
  4. McSundae

    No Mouse Dashing

    I absolutely love scripts like that - already thought about that annoying feature too :-) Anyway I'm happy you already solved it
  5. McSundae

    RPG Maker MV keeps freezing OS X

    Hm, i find this really annoying, i got OSX too and RPG Maker is running like a machine, didn't had a single crash since update 1.3. My advise would be trying different versions, maybe it's just 1.5.1 that is making problems for you Okay - i also recognized you are still using El Capitan - so...
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    Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    The recent additions are really nice :-) Especially the new elemental icons are great for me :) I was wondering if we could get some more bows and crossbows since there is only one available for each weapon type in the MV Set - would love to see more to give my archers more weapons to choose...
  7. McSundae

    YEP Core Engine Error (Solved)

    Are you sure this is caused by YEP engine? We need your console logs to see where the error is caused, with that warning I can just tell you that a wrong variable is assigned as a parameter for the function 'getImageData'. Of course that doesn't help very much. Do you have the latest rpg maker...
  8. McSundae

    TK - Sell Shop

    Uhm - if you had an updated version of the rpgmaker you would know that this script is simply not necessary... There is a checkbox when you create a shop "Sell only" EDIT: Sorry - my mistake, its "buy only"
  9. McSundae

    March Madness Mini-Game Contest!

    I would have loved to participate but the deadline is crazyly short :-/
  10. McSundae

    Avy's Icon Workshop [Back to buisness!]

    +1 for more MV Icons :) I love your own mv style
  11. McSundae

    A simple Scene Shop

    Looks great, can you upload the necessary images too? So we have a base that is running and we can exchange the elements later on
  12. McSundae

    RPG Maker MV 1.4.0 Update

    THUMBS UP! Linux support is really really nice - well I'm not using it myself but I used it a very long time and I'm now on OSX - so I'm always happy if I can deploy to more platforms :) Thanks for this update!
  13. McSundae

    Does a commercial game need a publisher?

    Okay and which state should I be to get in contact with a publisher? Do I need a playable demo for example or is it better to contact them earlier so they can make some adjustments that doesn't flip around the entire game?
  14. McSundae

    Does a commercial game need a publisher?

    Hi guys, as some of you probably already know I'm working on a very big open world rpg with only original graphics and I was wondering if I will need a publisher to care of advertisement? Sure, I can also create some short videos and since we got green light it shouldn't be a problem to get the...
  15. McSundae

    Maru's MV Bits

    Welcome back :D You was busy building a german MV community? Tell me more and especially show me a link :D

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