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    How to export my finished game !??

    I've just finished my game that I've been working on for three months ,now I wanted to export the game from the rpgmaker mv software to be able to upload it on steam as a paid game , how to do that ? thanks :)  
  2. Medo

    Thanks !

    I've just completed my first game ,I've been working on it for three months ,and I'll put it on steam soon .I really want to thank all of those who helped me and answering my (silly)questions specially @Andar thanks man XD ,actually this is really supportive community ...even if my game didn't...
  3. Medo

    Weird Battle mechanics !!!!

    when I click on the guard button in the battle ,it applies damage to the enemy and kills it with in one hit!!!! ....I want to edit this (Guard) ,How and where to edit it or just delete this button ??????? (Picture down)
  4. Medo

    Error while ending my project...HELP PLEASE

    I was editing my Alternate menu screen by deleting the gold window section in the rpg_scene Folder (picture is shown down) , then when I tested the game to see the changes in the menu an error appeared (picture also shown) .....PLEASE HELP ,I worked hard for this project  . @gomiamiheat6804 
  5. Medo

    Editing Alternate menu screen !?

    oh ok XD @gomiamiheat6804
  6. Medo

    Editing Alternate menu screen !?

    @gomiamiheat6804 Where can I find this notepad folder ,there are folder named "rpg_scenes" but I can't open it bec.its a plug in folder !! Thanks for your support :)
  7. Medo

    Editing Alternate menu screen !?

    @gomiamiheat6804 I mean the bar or the part that display The gold earned in the game (in the picture below), I want to remove it from the Menu 
  8. Medo

    Editing Alternate menu screen !?

    @gomiamiheat6804   Thanks ! ....Is there any way to delete the gold information window in the Alternate menu screen too ??
  9. Medo

    Editing Alternate menu screen !?

    Is there any way to Delete the Equip Button in the Alternate menu screen ? Thanks in advance :)  
  10. Medo

    Battle processing Errors and problems !

    @Andar How to set the battleback in the map properties? , and does it have anything with a plugin that I have to install ?
  11. Medo

    Battle processing Errors and problems !

    I am trying to create a battle but some problems faced me while creating it : The battle background I chose don't appear when the "battle process" ,so the background becomes the map itself like in the picture! when the enemy attack it always attack with zero damage  Please help me solve...
  12. Medo

    Help in Animated Torch!

    Thanks ! 
  13. Medo

    Help in Animated Torch!

    I wanted to put a torch that have have fire animation ,so I used the default blue torch as in the picture ,but the there was no animation it acted like a normal object  Note: the default blue torch has a three frames animation ,I put the torch as an event . thanks in advance .
  14. Medo

    Perfect Sunset with Tintscreen

    I wanted to make a scene with a Sunset atmosphere ,but the sunset given in the tintscreen option is too sketchy (like orange filter) ,do anyone knows what is the right RGB to put to give the right atmosphere of real sunset or more like it ??????
  15. Medo

    A mistake ...

    While I was editing a map I put a map Under/Inside another map ,is there anyway to undo that to make each map separate again ? ....The picture is showing what I mean.

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