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October 13
Drury Lane

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The Muffin, from Drury Lane

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Mar 28, 2018
    1. Meep007
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      2. terrorchan
        Oh my god I'm so sorry :(
        Feb 29, 2016
      3. Meep007
        Thanks... T~T
        Feb 29, 2016
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      4. Hollow 1977
        Hollow 1977
        Sorry for your loss.
        Mar 1, 2016
    2. Meep007
      I spend all my time on the other forum and when I finally come on here, I see so many nice resources~!

      Geez, I wish I did this sooner... ;_;
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      2. UNphiltered_khaos
        It's the Muffin...

        So many people making there second home here...
        Feb 9, 2016
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      3. UNphiltered_khaos
        :) hello, btw
        Feb 9, 2016
      4. Meep007
        Yes, I'm the muffin. Hi :rhappy:
        Feb 9, 2016
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    October 13
    Drury Lane
    First Language:
    I'm Meep, Meep McMuffin, a muffin, obviously...

    Some people seem to think I'm a cupcake. :rsrs:

    My father is the Muffin Man, you may have heard of him. Maybe not. No big deal...


    (ʘдʘ╬) Brush up on your knowledge. Someone might take offense to that.


    The Muffin King ~ Bow to him...


    The Muffin Princess ~ Created by Raiken Jenova :3


    The Muffin Prince ~ Created by Raiken Jenova :3

    Got these questions from here:


    What's your current eye colour?: Blueberry blue

    What's your current hair colour?: What are you talking about? I'm a muffin.
    Do you have any siblings?: Three brothers and four sisters. They were all eaten out of our package.
    Are you employed? Where?: Cheese factory...ha just kidding. Muffin factory.
    What gaming systems do you have?: PC and Xbox. Those are my favorites. I have almost everything.
    What language sounds cool to you?: Good question, I don't know. I'm learning Italian, so I guess that.
    What's your favourite colour?: Green!
    What's your favourite food?: ...Muffins
    What's your favourite drink?: Hot cocoa
    What's your favourite animal?: FROGS
    What's your favourite candy?: No, no candy. Makes me sick.
    What's your favourite fruit?: Coconut!...and also pineapples.
    What was your favourite childhood cartoon?: Pokemon...Wait. Avatar: The Last Airbender. Only for the fluffy bison.
    What do you like snacking on?: ...Muffins [​IMG]
    What's your favourite music genre(s)?: makes me happy.
    What's your favourite movie genre(s)?: Comedy and fantasy.
    What are your hobbies beyond your RM skill?: Dance! No, I can't dance. Cooking...and eating......muffins.
    Can you swim?: I'd get soggy... [​IMG]
    What's your favourite thing to cook?: Quesadillas...and muffins.
    What's your favourite Jell-O flavour?: Don't. Like. That. Texture.
    What's your favourite hair colour?: ...still a muffin.
    You enjoy the food most of what culture(s)?: Mexican and Chinese. All I've had. I need to get out more. Wait, I forgot Irish foods. They're also yummy. And my own culture, *cough* *cough* ...muffins.
    What is/was your favourite subject(s) in high school?: Computer Science\Programming and Language.
    Would you rather live in a small town or big city?: Neither. My dream home is a cabin in the woods. [​IMG]
    Do you drink alcohol? If yes, what kind?: No. My family once let me try it, I hated it. It's nasty.

    What's something you're good at?: Hmm...I'll get back to you on that. But, sometimes cooking.
    What's a character a flaw of yours?: I dislike socializing. I'll listen to anyone, I just prefer to be the listener. I really just don't like conversations with people my age. They're really stupid most of the time.
    What character trait do you admire most?: If they're wise. Also, if they can make me smile [​IMG]
    You relax at home by: Sleeping, having a snack (...muffins), and watching some of my favorite shows.
    What's the best trait you have for your friend(s)?: I'll cook for them. Does that count? [​IMG]
    Have your ever stolen anything?: Yeah...a lot of food from my families' houses.
    What would you want to change about yourself?: Be more athletic. I'm pretty lazy...
    What was the hardest year in your life?: The year my granny died. Loved her a lot.


    Playing Games
    Attempting to Make Games
    Eating Muffins
    I really like muffins




    Do you know the Muffin Man? [​IMG]

    ~My Personality~​



    ~Projects I Support~​


    This makes me hungry...

    Currently being developed by the lovely Tsarmina




    Currently being developed by the dark rabbit Sky Usanin