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    Thank you! :D And my youtube channel is meiows. Right now I only have two speedmaps and some old Smite videos. I will be putting more up once I get some days off from work ^_^
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    Meiows' Resources and Junk!

    Thanks for the info~ I really want to try it out now! Thank you <3
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    Meiows' Resources and Junk!

    Thank you very much! :D
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    This sounds so awesome! Thanks for all the info, I'll definitely be checking this out. :)
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    Meiows' Resources and Junk!

    Haha! Thank you!! =3 I'm going to be doing some more edits soon. AND maybe a tileset once I learn how!
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    Mr Pyramids Stuff

    These are really nice. I love the style and coloring of your maps, also (if that makes sense?).
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    I'll try to not be a lurker

    Don't worry, I was a lurker too!! But this community is really nice and I'm already feeling quite at home here. I'm sure you'll like it. :)
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    Aaaaa! She's so cool! What is she from?
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    Meiows' Resources and Junk!

    Hi! I was making a cave scene and needed to make some things to spice it up a bit, and thus these lil edits were born. I'm making this thread to share them freely. This thread will most likely grow as I make more maps and more RTP edits for my needs. Enjoy! Rules:  Don't claim as your own...
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    Thank you lots! I really appreciate the kindness. :)  I'd love to take commissions, but I want to hone my skills first so I can give commissioners/customers my best work! And yes! finding a name to go by is tough. I've been meiows for a while but I tried to break away, hence the 'aku'...
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    Thank you guys!! :D Omgosh that is really cool! I'm such a nerd for these kinds of tools and this one is really helpful. Thanks for the share! And so far my favorite piece that I've done is this human-ified poliwag from pokemon. It has my old signature on it (i was having a bit of...
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    Thanks! And I do a lot of varying types, but lately I've been having a lot of fun doing pixel art and stuff. I'm hoping to make some tilesets once I get some spare time!
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    Just wanted to say hi!~ I'm meiows and I'm an artist. I LOVE making maps in RPG Maker and have just started making speed mapping videos and am putting them on Youtube. I love the community and finally wanna join in the conversations! :D
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    Orange Overlay

    Thanks for this! :)
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    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    aaaa ! I love the pomeranian! Do you think you could make a shiba inu?

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