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  • Hi ! I'm new to RPG maker and I just discovered your work. So far, I think it's excelent !

    I just wanted to report a bug I found when I use both your ATB plug-in (wich is great) and your State Damage plug-in (wich is, in my opinion, the only way to use DoTs(domage over time) or HoTs(Heal over time) properly, the basic system being so poor).

    I tried to create a technique, giving a bleeding state. And I wanted the state to be timed by ATB gauge (adding <atb_duration:150000>) it worked fine, except for one case : when the last monster of a party dies of the DoT, you have to wait until someone gets its ATB gauge full and do something to finish the fight.

    Do you think this problem can be solve?
    I'm still alive and almost back to working om RM!
    Hello, unknown person! Good to see you back on the horse :)
    Been working on my more game-specific scripts, so sorry about the reduced amount of updates on my public ones for now!
    That also goes for you too, Yanfly, but somehow I feel you'd want to get all those bugs worked out before you take a break. lol
    Yeah. So far the bug report count has been dropping significantly so I'm glad for that.
    Awesome! Hopefully that means a long and deserved break from the madness. lol
    And I keep purchasing more games than I actually have time to play...
    Lol. Many people are in the same boat, especially if you have Steam.
    Vox Novus
    Vox Novus
    Steam is evil like that, especially when you find great deals/sales.
    Managed to work a bit on my own game project - the spreadsheets are getting huge, I think I might actually start creating it on RMMV by January
    Can't wait to see!
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Playing arounnd with NUUN's Battle Result as a VS Victory Aftermath alternative. Loving it so far despite the learning curve (there are a LOT of parameters)


Just have to figure out how to addin sub class progress.
Partitito's story is supposed to be about defeating poverty while thinking he is a capitalist with socialist ideas. But it's really about stories of redemption and perseverance.
Who would have thought an idea like "I wanna put the character bio in the equip screen" would turn into a bunch of work and fun collaboration @Puppet Knight . Now my Equip/Character screen is the way I want it.
Screenshot 2023-12-03 194313.png
Just one more week of grinding through semester finals and I'll be able to actually work on some games and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to work on my game document to actually have my ideas somewhere outside of my cranium of madness.
With Day 4 of my advent calendar posted, it's time for y'all to choose what Day 5 will be!

We've seen Strength with our adventurers, so which DnD stat would you like to see in the next NPC: Charisma, Constitution, or Wisdom?

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