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    Node.JS is definitely something I'm interested in tinkering with because of its powerful networking applications, if RPG Maker MV somehow supported it directly or indirectly, that would be awesome! Yeah it seems it would be very involved as regards servers and communication protocols, but I...
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    I must say I'm extremely excited to see RPG Maker move to Javascript/HTML5, I had been learning it for the past several months anyway for a web design project I'm currently working on, and its adoption in RPG Maker MV gives me even more reason to master it!  I've got to ask though, for those...
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    Whats the best way to create that "16-bit" style music for a JRPG?

    @MsLittlefish, thanks for the info you sent me, it was a big help. @Dreadshadow, I think Massive or Sylenth1 are synths that would work well? The only thing is that it would take quite a bit of time to program every instrument that I would want to use in my compositions, and I'm willing to do...
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    Whats the best way to create that "16-bit" style music for a JRPG?

    @MsLittlefish, if you could share your list, that would be great! and also, do you have any recommendations for a good SF2 player?
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    Whats the best way to create that "16-bit" style music for a JRPG?

    Hey, I'm interested in composing original music for my RPG Maker game, and though I have plenty music samples and VST tools to compose with, my concern is that they all sound too "real" to fit in with a 2D-graphics JRPG game. Can soft-synths do this? I'm looking to dial-in a 16-bit retro sound...

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