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  • Hi Meribiaa! I like your profile pic. What anime is it from? :)
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    Ah thanks! I just really like the art style. I never played Lunar Silver Star Story, would you recommend it? I need something new to play. XD
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    Definitely, both Lunar and Lunar 2 (the ps1 versions), great old classics.
    omg yes!! The Lunar series is my all time favourite. I noticed we have a lot of game preferences alike, @dreamfall887, like the Tales games, Dark Cloud (though I only played Dark Cloud 2), Mario RPG, the Atelier series, etc., so I think Lunar would suit your tastes quite nicely. :kaojoy:

    aaah it makes me so excited to see people talking about Lunar! :kaojoy:
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Super stoked i just finished my first town in my project, by finished i mean i can always add more decorative aesthetics and the NPCs don't talk yet but the mapping is complete and all the important chess pieces are present!
My brain: Hey, I have an idea how to make the transition to the main story quest in The Wastes more natural!
Me: Good!
My brain: You need to remake the hotel you start out in, it's not realistic enough.
Me: Ok... This was unexpected, but I can do it.
My brain: Now make each hotel floor 5 times as large to match the main part. Oh, you also need to make a bunch of new npcs to fill in the space on these maps.
Me: Crap.
Should be able to release Haxe MV/MZ next weekend.
It look that somehow MZ tracks are messed up (for example battle4 is obviously a theme, castle2 is a ship, ship1 is a scene and so on..). Maybe they just named them after with some ambiguity.
is there a script call that return how much turn has passed in battle?

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