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  • I'm bored, anyone want their character drawn? provide reference.
    alright, No more requests now. Starting with dalph, because cool design. Don't know if I feel like doing all of these. at least not tonight.
    no big :3
    Drawing each other's characters is always fun. I should find some people on the site to do this with! As someone who's learning to draw well it's a really good exercise because it lets me see how others portray characters I've drawn a bunch of times and it helps me get out of my comfort zone.
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Hello everyone im back haha, so im planning to Restart my RPGMAKER project next year when i get new gear to work, But currently im working in Trading card games, if anyone is interested in this world please visit my website :

From there you will be able yo access to my social network profiles or my Discord server.
Good luck to everyone :)
Going back through and fixin' up the dialogue.
Thanks to @Iron_Brew for helping me with this one. Makes you think.
Experimenting with MV-style spriting, made a round guy :)

Don’t forget to catch Advent Day #3 compiled right here! Hmm. Let’s make today’s question…what is your favorite dish served at your holiday dinner?
All of the male sprites in New Dawn for the are built off of the third sprite I ever made on top of the first sprite base I made nearly a year ago, and now I'm making the female sprite base, and just by virtue of the amount of elapsed time and the number of sprites I've made since then, I think I'm going to have to revise all of my male sprites at some point.

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