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  • Hey, if you'd ever like help from a composer I will help you out (I'm 27, been playing piano and training since I was 14). My skype is astracat111. 
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    Simon D. Aelsi
    Simon D. Aelsi
    Now I'm curious... Got a soundcloud so I can hear how good you are?
    Here's a cover of the final fantasy 15 battle theme. I keep my originals to myself, as I'm using them for my commercial games: 

    There are other covers on that channel as well.
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Man, nobody has created an MZ state animation plugin outside of VisuStella. That breaks my heart.
Finnuval wrote on Alador's profile.
Cute new avatar you got there ;)
Alberest so far, got a lot done but still ALOT left to do.
Wish I had a better means of taking screenshots...
Map is 148x98

concept: zombie slayer fest.

Lag because of outdated hardware.

Lots todo:
-Terrax lightning should have another step for the flashlight, between up down left right.
-Also Online mv from Nelderson should emit the flashlight from the other player.
-Animation needed for killing the zombie...
Before adding it to #crypchania.
Working on a case. Get all the evidence to prosecute some bad guys. :kaojoy:
But, the game development schedule delayed. :kaoswt2:
The moral of the story: No good deed goes unpunished... I guess...
Except that, nothing to see here. :kaoswt2:

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