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    What happened to RpgmakerWeb?

    Thank you, you two! :uhappy:
  2. Mihe

    What happened to RpgmakerWeb?

    Hello I apologize if this question has been asked already, but what happened to the rpgmakerweb site? It's changed. I can't login which means I can't download my paid items. I have a purchase of MV and cannot download it. Do I have to buy it all over again?
  3. Mihe

    Sprited SV_Enemies

    @RavenBlackbird Can you reupload the Spirits please?
  4. Mihe

    SV Animation Help

    If I remove YED Sideview Battler plugin then my animations won't work at all. I need that plugin for my 6-frame animations. See the character on the right is how it should be working. The character on the left is what is messed up.
  5. Mihe

    Marvel: Characters Sets & SV Battlers (Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, & More) [UPDATED 2/18/2021]

    Whoa buddy are you the real GG or just a fan of him? Btw awesome resources
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    SV Animation Help

    I added those in, but it's still doing the same thing.
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    SV Animation Help

  8. Mihe

    Sprites aren't working

    Can you help me with my yed sideview problem as well?
  9. Mihe

    SV Animation Help

    I still can't get this to work properly
  10. Mihe

    SV Animation Help

    Anyone know why this is happening?
  11. Mihe

    SV Animation Help

    Hi I'm having trouble getting the enemy battler to properly animate. Here's what happens: I'm using these plugins in this order: This is the enemy's notetag: <Sideview Battler...
  12. Mihe

    YED sideview problem

    I tried using YED sideview plugin, but I believe I have done something wrong. The sheet is in the attachments. Here's what I set the actor's notetag to: <Sideview Battler: Carmilla_Walk> <Sideview Battler Frames: 6> <Sideview Battler...
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    6 frame battler plugin

    What plugin can I use to increase the amount of frames for the battler? My battlers have 6 frame animations.
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    How do you encourage the player to use all of your party members?

    If the players build a meta between the party members they choose to play with, I think that's perfectly fine to be honest. That establishes a connection that they have between the characters they use the most. It means your characters are likable, or at the very least usable. They aren't dull...

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