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    Bug Fix: Event Jitter / Display Rounding Error

    The fuku_testpack.js website link says they've all been removed/discontinued. I am also having the issue that jitterfix (when used with diagonal movement by galv) makes the player character jitter terribly instead when moving diagonally. I would have loved the fix, if anyone happens to have had...
  2. MikaTeapot

    Match Card Lottery

    Hello! I am aware plugin compatibilities are usually outside the remit of developers fixes, but this conflicts with I had another plugin conflicting with this script that was fixed by if(j != 'delete') being added on line 203 of galvs before...
  3. MikaTeapot

    waynee95's Storage System

    Tested the second one you sent, all works well that I can see!
  4. MikaTeapot

    waynee95's Storage System

    All seems well at a test, it only lets me withdraw up to the 20 limit total with the rest staying put. :biggrin: EDIT: It still happens with the loot all button.
  5. MikaTeapot

    waynee95's Storage System

    Hello! Love the plugin, but one quick issue I'm having. If I use <Max Item: 20> (Note tag for curative items, my plugin setting max for other items is 99) From yanflys core, then in game I can have items from storage "disappear" If I have say, 19 in my inventory, and 20 in storage, if I...
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    How do you design Loot chests? (Fixed, randomly, adapting Player's style...)

    I use a mix of random chests divided by tier, these drop item upgrades, potions, consumables, etc of 3 varying tiers, basic weak level stuff for the <20 level zones, slightly better in the 20-50 and the best stuff only drops in the 50+ level areas. Weapons/armour/special things I manually...
  7. MikaTeapot

    Change Event placed Above Characters passability?

    Use yanfly region restrictions, pop your event down as usual with "above player" then place a "restricted to all" region on top. It's how I do mine.
  8. MikaTeapot

    How to Update NW.js to Dramatically improve Game Performance!

    Yep, nabbed a plugin that runs scripts on load, told it to run the full screen command there and everything is fine now.
  9. MikaTeapot

    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    I can't quite remember exactly, but in the plugin section there is a "custom code" box for stuff like popups, in one of these I had some stuff I had commented out with //. By deleting that, it returned to default behaviour, which worked fine for me.
  10. MikaTeapot

    How to Update NW.js to Dramatically improve Game Performance!

    Works lovely for me too, not that I've done any extensive testing with my project. I do have the issue someone said above though, here's the script I use for fullscreen; FSInitStart = SceneManager.initialize; SceneManager.initialize = function(){
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    Khas Advanced Lighting v4.2 Ultra (now with real-time shadows!)

    I personally gave up on the plugin because of it which was unfortunate. I didn't replace it with anything just changed the couple of dungeons I wanted lighting in.
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    Item and Skill Sort Priority

    This doesn't sort items in the skill learn window of , does anyone know how to fix that? Assuming anyone is still around, this wonderfully useful plugin I notice hasn't had posts in a while ^^ Edit, I only had to add this to the plugin for it...
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    LGP - Better Damage Popup

    Yes, but others have popped up with help so that was my hope. Fortunately my problem is solved.
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    RMMV TSR_Popups by The Northern Frog

    I got there in the end aha. I think lgp cursed me. No other plugins can show states now.
  15. MikaTeapot

    RMMV TSR_Popups by The Northern Frog

    Hello! I started using this plugin a moment ago, and for some reason, state popups don't work. I have them set to on in the settings. Whether it's resist, or low rate, or successful they don't pop up. Granted, this is an existing long term project and there's a decent chance the problem is a...

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