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    At the time you posted that, you had asked nicely 0 times. You had demanded and ranted many times though, in PM, in reports, and in...
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    Working on some wizard/magic bases: I mean, technically it's a flying base but I haven't made any wings yet, so magic hovering is it...
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    Whoops, the corner of my map is as big as GALV's whole demo map xD
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    Our Lore Wizard, Buttercup, just emailed me a draft of one of our in-game lore books, and it's one of my favorites so far. Her books...
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    Aaaaah. The warm color scheme and lighting is both so ominous yet relaxing all in one. You did a fantastic job with setting a vibe and...
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    @PlotTwistStudios Thank you so much! The 'three lamp' light cycle has gone through a lot of edits and remakes, so that's really great to...
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    @coucassi - Thanks :) And yes: Chapter 19 - The Second Cataclysm, Chapter 7 - The Formation of Ever, and Chapter 11 - The Core of Magic...
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    Excerpts from "A Succinct History of Evergloom for the Uninitiated Novice upon joining the Faculty of Death" by Grace Silkweaver...
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    Todays Lesson: Tiles are a pain to make xD
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    Anyone got any suggestions? Cant seem to think of things to add xD Tried cobweb but turned out worse then RTP, which is saying a lot ^^
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    Looking good, and loving the gray/green palette. As for suggestions: perhaps a few cracked floor tiles? Pillars? or maybe some wall...
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    Some really nice animations. I love it! <3
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    amazing animations!
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    Thanks @The Stranger & @Willibab - They definitely are p.i.t.a, and certainly not the bread! :LZSlol:
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    Updated OP with all new screenshots with the new HUD, and redesign of the Novice's dresses. Lots of scripting work done this week on...

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