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  • Things seem to be coming together nicely, can't wait to begin working on the game again tomorrow. Title choices: Party of Four; The Reckoning; Brink; Fractal
    Just updated my Teleportation Device tutorial, looks so much better now, and I didn't have to type it on my cell phone this time!
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My garbage collection service has the BEST hold music I've ever heard. Sometimes, I legitimately hope to be on hold for more than a few minutes just to hear the song to completion.
Streaming now, maybe it will work this time!
Part of me is really missin' the good 'ol days of RM '95... goodness just seems like such simpler times
Just got two Switch E-Shop 20$ gift cards... Is 3D All-Stars worth it? Or should I get something like Celeste? I'd love to know your opinion!
I’m looking at the MZ full body images and I think Priscilla is taller than Reid...

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