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    1. Yes, but is a lot of pixel art drawing, you need to draw the character failing down like an image per image in its Chara set.  OR you can you make the event to jump with the jump command but not sure if it is the same visual effect.

    2. Could be making a complete new map, copy an paste the original and then make the changes. Or you must set a variable on at the same time the town is on flames and put it as condition to the transfer event (that i assume it would lead you to the modified map)

    3.Yes, you can check Marquise Work in steam workshop, and add it to the Characters folders on your game, then go to the actors database and change the spirit of the player.

    4.One way is to display a picture with the name before the text event. There are scripts but cant recall anyone at the moment.
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I know it can be a little confusing with all the advent calendars and time zones, but make sure Starbird, GalacticGod, WaywardMartian and Guardinthena get all the love they deserve fot their hard work! ;3
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I was playing with ChatGPT-3 and I feels like did some crime with this...

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