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    [VX Ace] Hair and Clothes Face Generator Parts

    EDIT: Nevermind about the Hair Part, somehow, I was able to do it. I'm looking for Clothes that can be added in the Face Generator too. Preferably, Modern Clothes or Military Clothes if possible. And since this thread is already here, can anyone here understand Japanese? I actually found...
  2. Mikleo

    Underpass door frame tiles (doodads)

    I love you. No, seriously, lmao!!~ I had such a hard time getting my characters to pass through doorways, in the end, I just removed the door and the wall. :kaoeh: I'll try this, hope I can get it to work soon. :kaoluv:
  3. Mikleo

    RMMV "Al Dente" Cooking Contest

    Nice game! Even though it's a short mini-game I still laughed at some points in the story. And yeah, nice tip about the last stage, I cheated! LMAO!~ :kaojoy: But, for serious, is there a right combination in the last stage? I'm asking coz I kinda 'cheated' on that one. :kaophew:
  4. Mikleo

    Actual War resources

    This is awesome! These uniforms are perfect for my game. Thank you!
  5. Mikleo

    Actual War resources

    Awesome uniforms! Will you add a Walk Version or Damaged Version Generator for these uniforms?
  6. Mikleo

    Sideway Broad Stairs

    Hello, just want to ask if anyone has seen a Sideway/Sidefacing Broad Stairs? Preferably the Blue Carpet Stairs? Or just a Broad Sideway Stairs in general. The sideway stairs that I found is so puny compared to the main stairs... :(   Please tell me if anyone knows, thanks!
  7. Mikleo

    I'd Love a Modern Japanese Interior Tileset, Please.

    Oh, you're making a commercial game? And yes, it's allowed in commercial games, as stated in the Terms. Here's a guide:
  8. Mikleo

    I'd Love a Modern Japanese Interior Tileset, Please.

    Here are some sites with Japanese Tilesets, and yes, better use Google Translate for these.
  9. Mikleo

    Zonen's RTP Edits & Doodads

    I love the pink chair. :)
  10. Mikleo

    MV Behavior Sprites

    Hello, I just want to ask if someone has an Eating meals and/or Drinking (soda, tea, coffee) Behavior Sprites? Would anyone be so kind to point out any resources like that? Or maybe share it if it's ok?
  11. Mikleo

    Food and other items

    Do you do wands? like those seen in Harry Potter? If not, Asian Food? Of course, this is only a suggestion. ^__^ Awesome work by the way, gonna use some of this for my game. :D
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    Big Sprites

    I really don't know what I'm doing wrong... I fixed the grid to 57x57 in Photoshop (That's how big my sprite is)   I saved it in the img/characters as a $___  and this is how it turned out   When that didn't work, I saved it with no $   It also didn't work, it's cut...
  13. Mikleo

    Big Sprites

    @Shaz, I just used that template as a guide. So, it would basically work on a 50x50 grid?
  14. Mikleo

    Big Sprites

    @Shaz Hi, sorry, I didn't get what you mean... What extra Row? and Up Direction? I tried arranging it manually using a template... but it came out even worse (it multiplied) :(   Sorry, I'm kinda noob at this... :(
  15. Mikleo

    Big Sprites

    Hello, I just want to ask... How do I make the Big Sprites (more than 48x48) work in MV? There have been some robots, monsters, or something used as player sprites, but how on earth do I use them? I recently edited my player sitting in a wheelchair... Unfortunately, it's a little beyond the...

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