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  • I wonder is it only me who feels post-IGMC burnout?
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    Milk Bar Prophet
    Milk Bar Prophet
    Thanks for the advice @Ms Littlefish I'm definitely binging on some dvds tomorrow, blankets on! :) Enjoy the Sims vegging @Llareian ! You're tough @IAmJakeSauvage. I'll make a longer break, last 3-4 days of crunch were bordering on insane. I need a lot of sleep and just some time off to be able to see from the distance, what to improve (there's a lot!) and where to go with all of my ideas.
    I have the opposite! I can't seem to sleep at all, to excited!!!!! I think I've gotten 6 hours of sleep in the last two days and I'm still not tired.
    Milk Bar Prophet
    Milk Bar Prophet
    @just1witness maybe you should continue working on your game (or the next one) then? I had the same, two ~20h working days and mostly 18h-19h ones last week, and near the end I constantly though 'I'm too old for this'. Now I'm just relieved, even though I made a massive error (deleted Actor1.png from the database *facepalm*) at least I submitted *something* which can be played from the beginning to the end.
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I drew one of my chars! The man with 100 kids and a lot of love to give :kaopride:
Me: *about to stalk someone's posts*
Forum: "This member limits who may view their full profile."
Me: *bummer*
Also forum: Advanced search > Posted by ...
Starting a fly by the night dev studio. Anyone want in? Excellent working conditions with onsite lodging. LOL
OMG... I actually managed to recreate my "combat hotkeys" function in MV (eg. press 3 on the keyboard to summon an equip screen to change equipment midcombat).

And it works with Yanfly's Keyboard Config!?

I'm amazed things are working at all, to be frank.
This made me laugh, apparently YT automatically marks my streams as being about "I Wanna Be the Guy"... You know what YT? Wrong game.. but right message, I'll take it. :LZSlol:


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