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  • I wonder is it only me who feels post-IGMC burnout?
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    Milk Bar Prophet
    Milk Bar Prophet
    Thanks for the advice @Ms Littlefish I'm definitely binging on some dvds tomorrow, blankets on! :) Enjoy the Sims vegging @Llareian ! You're tough @IAmJakeSauvage. I'll make a longer break, last 3-4 days of crunch were bordering on insane. I need a lot of sleep and just some time off to be able to see from the distance, what to improve (there's a lot!) and where to go with all of my ideas.
    Tea's Jams
    Tea's Jams
    I have the opposite! I can't seem to sleep at all, to excited!!!!! I think I've gotten 6 hours of sleep in the last two days and I'm still not tired.
    Milk Bar Prophet
    Milk Bar Prophet
    @just1witness maybe you should continue working on your game (or the next one) then? I had the same, two ~20h working days and mostly 18h-19h ones last week, and near the end I constantly though 'I'm too old for this'. Now I'm just relieved, even though I made a massive error (deleted Actor1.png from the database *facepalm*) at least I submitted *something* which can be played from the beginning to the end.
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The presentation pictures for FSM Castle Tiles are really bad, there is so much more content in this DLC than they show. Great DLC.^^
Anyone know/remember Mummy's Tomb / Crystals of Zong for C64? Trying to recreate it for One Map Challenge. Fun. And ... er ... challenging!

Listen.. I er... caught the live stream. :LZSwink:
The MZ first look stream was quite good. Looks like we get a lot of generator parts right off the bat this time around. Lots of cool clothes, helmets, facial marks, etc. Looking forward to playing around with it. :)
Any tips on how to share resources in here? Should I upload them in a image hosting site or Google Drive?

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